A seaside run - w7r3

Visiting the outlaws in sunny Southend this weekend, so I decided I'd bring my kit and see if I could manage a better run than I've historically managed here. Mr Rainbow decided we'd take the daughters over to Shoebury beach this morning, and suggested I could run over and join them there.

It's a lovely straightforward and flat route, so I thought that seemed like a good plan - especially as he offered to drive me the first little bit so I wouldn't have to walk too far at the end. So, cloudy skies, we loaded the car and off we went.

Warm-up walk was lovely - more runners than I'd usually see in six months, lots of people enjoying the seaside. Then time to start running. First few minutes as hard as ever - but I'm determined to beat those gremlins, so I engage my Stubborn Mode and keep going. Five minutes down, feeling better, passing people sitting by their beach huts, I can do this, but maybe need to slow down a bit...

Seems to be taking a long time to get to half-time. Keep plodding, just keep going, ah there it is at last. Round the coastguard station, glad there's someone else in front of me so I can follow how to get round this one bit where the path zigs a bit.

Ooh last five minutes hooray. Not sure I can do this. Oh yes I can, cries of SLOW DOWN ringing in my ears from you lot - thank you! - just keep going steadily. Do I want to speed up for the last minute? Ummm, no thanks Laura! And I made it! Phew!

Definitely hard work, despite being so level, but so pleased that I managed it! Hard work, a real challenge, could not have done another three minutes, but at least I don't need to worry about the extra time until the next run...!

So, on to week 8 - time to reacquaint myself with dear old Julie!


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4 Replies

  • Oh yes, seaside success! (and the joy that is Julie awaits) :)

  • Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside ⛱ and You ran beside the seaside with style and collected the run, hard and challenging, conquering the gremlins along the way. Good for you!

    Enjoy Julie...........

  • Running by the seaside gives you magical powers! Well done sounds like a great run.

  • I've also realised today just how quietly supportive Mr Rainbow is. Every so often he actively encourages me to go out for a run, but mostly he leaves me to get on as I want to. But last night he was the one who suggested I could run to the beach today - and then later as we went past Lidl and I mentioned their sale, he offered to pull in so I could have a quick look! (I resisted, as I have more running clothes than I have space for, but still!)

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