A Rainbow evening 😊

A Rainbow evening 😊

I didn't run yesterday, so planned to go tonight after work. Mr Rainbow didn't want to wait to have dinner too late, so he suggested I should order a takeaway, run in the village, and collect the food when I was done. Good plan! :) My last two runs have each been 20 mins, so I wanted to aim for a minimum of 25 mins tonight.

I decided to get ambitious and use the week 9 podcast so I could go longer if I felt I could manage it. And to make it easier(!) I started by heading up to the top point of the run at the beginning of the route. The warm-up ended half-way up the steep bit, so the first minute of running got me to the top of the road. From there it was a lovely long gentle downhill for the next while, which was a lovely way of finding my rhythm and getting going properly. From about 5 minutes I felt comfortable and confident, and sure that I could keep going. So instead of turning off the main road into my usual running area, I kept on a bit further along the main road to the next cul-de-sac. The sun was still shining, but there were black clouds in the sky, and I realised there was a beautiful rainbow visible. Time to put the phone camera to the test and see if it could take an ok photo without me having to stop! The cul-de-sac was a bit of a gentle climb, but all good - and again, the way down was lovely! ;)

Back to the usual streets from there; round the first bit, with a lovely refreshing rain shower, and still that beautiful evening light. And the rainbow even bigger and brighter - so another photo.

And then that was 15 minutes done. Only five minutes to go to get to 20 mins, which I know I can do, so just keep going. Round the loops which I know so well - just keeping on going, and I realised at some point the rain had stopped. Twenty five minutes gone, and I felt like I could keep going, so I did! And then, as my legs were really really starting to feel so tired, Laura said there was just one minute to go. Not a chance of me giving up then!

And then it was done. A fantastic 30 minute, 4.25km run (not including walks). And a lovely Indian dinner as reward! 😊😊😊

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6 Replies

  • Sounds a perfect run! ...and a great reward :)

  • Fabulous photo, great run, brilliant write-up!

  • Idyllic xx

  • What a fab photo! Sounds a lovely run too.

  • Go you!

  • What a lovely rainbow and great run :)

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