Well I guess it had to happen...

...sooner or later. I had set off on a 40 min Fartlek run (well the heck did that term ever come from?!) and I was about half way round at 4km when my left foot hit a tree root or something.

You know how you can have that moment when you know you are going down and there is nothing you can do about it except try to minimise the damage? Well that happened to me. I landed partly on my side, with my hands in front, onto a stone and gravel path and now have bruises up my leg and a burning feeling on the palms. I count myself lucky actually - not much leakage and my kit seems to have held up well.

Needless to say the Fartlek run turned into a steady jog from then on, after I had assessed the damage. Still completed 7.5k though...


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  • well done for getting straight back on your horse so to speak ;)

  • So easily done but at least you got up and completed the run. You might be a bit stiff tomorrow!

  • Glad your ok. Hopefully you'll be back up and running the fartlek again soon

  • Oh dear. Hope you're ok now. Top marks and a gold star for finishing your run despite being injured. :)

  • Well done - at least it sounds like you didn't twist anything and 7.5 k that is excellent

  • Oh no,, you went for a right burton by the sounds of it. Poor you xx

    A big gold star though for carrying on, what a trooper ! Hope you feel better soon :-) xxx

  • Thanks guys. The back feels stiff and a bit twisted but I am sure that time is a great healer. :)

  • Have a ice bath...it aids the healing process!!! :-)

  • Oh dear Kingy! We all come a cropper at some point. I hope you're all ok now

  • Wow, very impressed that you carried on jogging after that. And glad to hear you're not in too much pain today. Take care!

  • Oh whoops! How terrible, I'm sure I would have cried.. well done for carrying on

  • Ouch, I can really sympathise!

    How did you feel this morning? Hopefully not too stiff.

  • Actually it is my lower back that is feeling it the most. I seem to be walking awkwardly!

  • Ouch! Hopefully you've just jarred it as you fell onto your hands (upper body/shoulders stopping before lower body does) but take care and rest it/gently exercise it so it doesn't get any worse.

  • Whoops that sounds like a hell of a tumble xxx hope you're ok and always awesome to carry on xxx

  • Glad to know you're okay. I took a bad fall (on an uneven pavement) in September. I landed on the right side of my face. I didn't try to break the fall because I didn't want to mess up my shoulder (I have a slight tear of my rotator cuff & trying to avoid the knife). I ended up walking home because had a bloody nose. Later at the ER, I had a CAT scan and it showed a broken nose and a fracture to the sinus bone. Thankfully, I didn't need surgery for the sinus bone because the bones were not displaced. However, it did interrupt any races that I had scheduled (doctor's orders).

    I was finally discharged this past Monday and ran my first 5k on Saturday.

    The accident forced me to buy a headlamp, and I'm glad I did. It makes all the difference in the world for running in the dark.

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