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Week 4 done!

Finished the last run of week 4 today, I wanted to do the run yesterday and do W5R1 today but that would have meant 3 consecutive days and I think I'd have been getting cocky, so I kept to the day's rest in between, and I'm glad I did because today I struggled a little bit more than week 4 r1 and 2. Not for any reason, other than maybe it was a bit hotter today, but regardless I got through it! It amazes me how I'm actually looking forward to my run days now, whereas the old me would wait and wait until the last minute and if I guilt tripped myself into going, I'd only last 1 run and give up. I'm feeling like changed woman now! So far have lost 1st 4lbs since June this year, I'm at the target weight I set when starting Slimming World, purely out of fear I'd never get more, but now I've seen I can do it diet wise, and I can run, I'm striving for more to really make the most of out my body and up my health and fitness. Week 5, I've heard this is where we get serious... I'm ready for you! :D

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Sounds like you're doing great Kirsty! Good decision not to give up your rest day - they are important too - especially as the runs get longer.

Good luck with week 5.

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