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Week 4 Run 1 done!! So happy.

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Hi all,

Hope you are well.

I normally stick to Mon,Weds And Fri but decided to do a Sunday for a change as it's dry....muddy but dry weather!

Yesterday I measured a place I'd done my last 3 min run on Friday and I'd done 0.57km. I've been convinced for a couple of weeks I'd been going too fast so I did this to pace myself a bit more. I knew I'd have to today going from 9 mins running to 16. Arghhhhhh I was dreading that. And 5 minutes not once but twice. Without keeling over on the tow path,in front of the ducks.

Anyway off I went and I only went and did it. Was a little bit beetroot styled but not dripping in sweat as I expected...more a slight glow. Like a ladydeeeeee. :))

I'm so happy I did it. My shins are hurting a bit but I've done my stretches and the new shoes are great...even if they are coated in thick mud. Love my Brooks.

Will do R2 on Tues or Weds after I see how my legs feel.

Can't wait to eat the 7 hour pulled pork that's been in the oven since 11am. Think I deserve it. What a high. Love this running lark :)

Barbara xxx

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I was literally just coming on here to post saying 'I'm about to do W4R1 and I'm terrified!' and saw this. It's helpful, though if you were worried you were going too fast you might me a bit better than me...


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BarbarajsGraduate in reply to ada_s

No Ada. Honestly. I'm 46 ex smoker, never run in my life. I'm just too enthusiastic and burn myself out. I'm a dog walker so do lots of walking but never ever run. Go for it. Just pace yourself like Laura says.

It's such an achievement I promise you. I could barely do 90 secs and now I can do 5 mins. I know it's not much to many runners but it is when you've never done it!!

Good luck xxx

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useitorloseitGraduate in reply to Barbarajs

It is much! It's fantastic! Keep up the good work ladies x

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BarbarajsGraduate in reply to useitorloseit

Thanks so much useitorloseit :)

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ada_s in reply to Barbarajs

I did it! Such a great feeling. Thanks for the support! :)

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That's brilliant Ada. How did you find it? So chuffed for you. When are you doing R2. Will keep up and post again later this week. Let's do this thing :) :) xx

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