Couch to 5K

Week 8 again!

Completed Week 8 for the second time after having to take a week off because of a chest infection. Do other people still get nervous before going out for a run? I've got this irrational fear that all the stamina I have built up will somehow mysteriously disappear and I will be back to struggling with 60 seconds. Once I'm home I feel fine but I can't shake the feeling before I go out - terribly silly I know!

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It's not silly Mrs Blueberry. As you've got to week 8 (again), you know by now the gremlins are chattering quite regularly.

We all have to just come up with coping strategies for them on the fly, when we're out on our runs.

And you're so close to graduation too- you know you've already beaten them :)


You are doing so well Mrs Blueberry! And you are treating your fears in exactly the way any phobia treatment therapist would suggest:

- Face your fears! And you do that every time you go out on a run.

- Do it gradually! And you do that by following the C25K programme.

One day soon you will wonder what the fuzz was all about.


That's the gremlins speaking. Ignore them. You can do this and you are!! I


Irrational is the word here. A gremlin speciality! You really know your stamina is safe but there are all the "but what if's" flying round in your head. It's not silly at all. So long as you keep doing what you're doing and going out and running. You know you can overcome the nerves and that's all they are. (I get nervous before every run too, so you're not alone). :)


I feel exactly the same, I have to not think about what I'm doing as I put on my trainers and head out of the door. I normally do the warm up before turning on the podcast then start running/shuffling straight away so I'm always 5 minutes ahead, it just makes me feel better.

Keep at it your nearly there.


It's not silly, it is merely the result of knowing you are challenging yourself, a good sort of stress and really doesn't matter so long as it doesn't stop you going. Just be with the feeling.


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