Double First!

First run of week 8 completed and in the rain! It started raining once towards the end of a run but today is the first time I've actually started, and finished , in the rain. There was a lot if shall I, shan't I but set off to meet Julie. She took me by surprise and made me laugh out loud but no wildlife around to startle today!

So safely back home, the water poured out of my shoes, not joking, socks and leggings wrung out and a nice cup of tea at my side. I was slower again today but I think I move with the beat of the music more than I realise and Laura's is a little slower than mine but I am happy, wet but happy๐Ÿ˜€

This mornings outings has raised a question for me though. What on earth should I wear to run when it is raining?! I definitely need some sort of hat to stop the water dripping in my eyes! I just wore my normal gear, t shirt with a nice baggy tunic over the top and leggings but this has also left me wondering what I will need when the weather gets cooler.

Tips and advice would be very welcome ๐Ÿ˜€


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  • Well done our run this morning I had the same dilemma last week and wore a waterproof which left me wetter inside so seriously think about a proper running waterproof preferably reflective for the winter months and being follically challenged a natty hat.

  • Good morning OldPossum, 'it's a rite of passage meeting up with Julie on w8 :) Running in the rain has a lot to recommend it at this time of year but, if you're a glasses wearer like me, it can cause problems. Lots of people wear a baseball cap type of hat to keep their glasses dry. Generally I run without specs in the rain, which is 'challenging' to say the least, so I may have to invest in a hat.

    As it gets cooler, you'll find the shops full of lightweight showerproof running jackets. Mine is from Aldi (I think) but Sainsburys, Primark, Asda and, of course, sports shops all sell them. Look for one that has proper hi viz markings on and not just one that's bright coloured. I also bought some flashing arm bands last year after almost running over a runner in my car. He was dressed all in black, was running on the side of the road and I literally didn't see him until the very last minute. I got mine from Aldi but they're on Amazon too. Lots of people have headtorches too but I've managed without one so far. Running in the winterhas its own challenges but it's still fun x

  • I'll watch the replies to this with interest Possum. So far I've only had to run in the rain once and just plonked a baseball cap on. I don't have any 'proper' running gear at all so will be good to get ideas from others. Well done for finishing your squelchy run. There's dedication! :)

  • Well done. Early on, I bought a running jacket from Go Outdoors. I have set off wearing it a few times but thentied it round my waist after a while. Twice I have needed to keep it on (sorry, it is Ron Hill) It folds up small enough to shove in my handbag - no not when I am running!

    I also bought a cap from Decathlon. Make sure to get one with a curved peak so that you can see under it when running. I tried one I already had but found I had to tip my head back!

    And finally, I found a running beanie cap in Aldi. There was only one and I haven't needed it yet but it should be good for colder weather.

    Apart from those items, shoes & gels, socks I can use my walking gear: tshirts, fleece jumpers, etc.

  • I have visions of running with a handbag now - wonder if I can get one to match my running shoes :-)

  • Not a fan of handbags but had to admit defeat once I had two pairs of glasses to carry round.!

  • My husband likes me to carry a handbag so he has somewhere to stash his stuff !!

  • Make sure your clothes are made of wicking fabric - this "wicks" the moisture away from your skin and helps keep you dry.

    I must say I don't wear any special gear for the rain. A peaked hat keeps the rain off your face but our skin is waterproof and getting soaked on a run makes me feel like a warrior ๐Ÿ˜

    For colder weather a base layer (warm top) next to your skin will keep you cosy.

    Well done for the run.

  • Will definitely investigate this "wicking" fabric, it took me ages to peel off my cotton leggings! I like the idea of being a warrior though :-)

  • Warrior is good ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • I have a peaked cap for rain - or occasionally for use in sun, too... Given what a part-time runner I am, I have an astonishing range of tops - two sleeveless vest tops, several 'proper' t-shirts, two light-weight but long-sleeved tops, and two thicker warmer ones. For colder weather I just layer up.

    One of the most helpful bits of advice I've seen for this is to dress for running as though it's 10 degrees warmer - so to go out at ten degrees, dress as though it was 20. If it's just freezing, dress as though it was 10 degrees etc. Seems to work pretty well if I compare what I put on for running with what I've been wearing the rest of the day.

    For rain, I just accept that I'm going to get wet, and enjoy the fact that it stops me overheating! ;)

  • Advice on temperature sounds good and I know what you mean about overheating, this is the coolest I've ever been at the end of a run. Cool in temperature that is, not style - I still resembled a pale beetroot :-)

  • Well done for getting out there, I think running in the rain is a rite of passage and I agree with Irishprincess about feeling warrior like! I went out this morning, having looked out of the window but not checking the temperature, in my 3rd hand wet weather trousers and my Aldi running jacket and within minutes had the jacket around my waist and was whingeing about the trousers being to hot! I don't bother with a hat and end up putting my hood down because it annoys me.

  • I must admit I certainly wasn't cold and am hoping the rain will be a nice softener for my hair but I think I might investigate a peaked cap to stop it running in my eyes, which are very sensitive and cause me problems anyway. At least I know my phone case lived up to it's waterproof case and the new apple watch is indeed waterproof. I only remembered it when I was half way round - panicking about damaging my devices (they are both new!) stopped me fretting about how far I could run :-)

  • Great, isn't it when you suddenly realise how far you've got :). A peaked cap sounds like a good idea - it always makes sense to protect bits that need protecting, you'll keep going the more comfortable you feel. I use glasses but not all the time and can run with out them. Admittedly I was running mainly in drizzle, if it's pouring I might revisit my feelings about caps. Or running. (until it's lighter rain, anyway!).

  • It's the winter months I will have most eye problems with as it is in darkness that I experience the most difficulty, with or without glasses. But I'm already starting to plan my days so that I can maybe run in the early afternoon instead of early morning!

  • You're hooked!

  • Yep !! :-)

  • fab, eh?

  • My smuggest ever run was when it had just started snowing! I decided that wasn't going to stop me, and had a lovely time. And the self-satisfied glow kept me lovely and warm! ;)

  • That sounds very brave. I'm pretty sure I won't venture out in ice or snow. I struggle enough to stay upright when I walk the dogs Shame really coz I can believe how much fun running in the snow would be.

    How times change, not that long ago I remember saying that the words fun and run did not belong in the same sentance! :-)

  • I seem to remember the paths not being particularly icy at that point - and I decided to go through the fields as although they'd be very bumpy, they definitely wouldn't be smooth and slick! :D Must have been a long time ago now though, as we haven't had snow to notice the past couple of years...

  • No hasn't been a lot of snow lately has there. We have a very grumpy farmer round here - think he might shoot me if he caught me in his field - run rabbit run !! :-)

  • That sounds great.

  • Running in the rain- A run, therapy and a shower all in one go ! ( Apologies to the website I nicked that one from :-))

    I tend to wear a baseball cap most runs now , its great to tuck my hair in when its not errr looking its best ( read, I cant be a*rsed styling it ) and its perfect when its raining as it keeps the rain off my specs .

    I don't wear any special gear for the rain, I cant bear having a jacket on as I get too hot .Although I may wear my capris rather than my shorts in the rain .

    Well done on your run today xxx

  • Capris maybe - shorts would be too scary for the wildlife!! :-)

  • Ha ha I said that too in the beginning , doesn't bother me now ! :-D xxx

  • They need to cut the thistles down first too. Maybe next year. I have an old pair of shorts in the cupboard which I used to wear many years ago. I can almost get them on again. When they fit I will venture out in shorts - new pair not the old ones of course ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I have ordered a pair of shorts! Probably only for holidays

  • Good for you. Holidays are great for wearing the stuff you won't put on at home aren't they ? ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Yes go for it OP , they are very cooling in the hot/warm weather xxx

  • I'm at that age when anything cooling sounds wonderful. I do sleep in shorts !

  • Me too ! I get so hot I think I may spontaneously combust at times ! :-) xxx

  • Aww Julie! :)

    You're right, the rain is lovely in summer but no idea how I'll feel about it in winter! Have some compression gear and a light running jacket in preparation but any excuse to buy some more running gear!

  • Might be a silly question but what is compression gear?!

  • Supposed to support muscles (a lot of people swear muscles feel less tight/sore after runs when wearing compression tights/socks - although some people think it's a load of nonsense) and are also tight and warm so good for running in the cold. My boyfriend uses compression under shirts/shorts when he plays football through the winter and says it really helps his muscles, particularly recovery. Bought some in readiness for winter running and they seem toasty!

  • Oh dear another item I need to buy ๐Ÿ˜Š

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