First Wet One

I've been really lucky so far, as all my runs have been in relatively dry weather. I meant to get up early this morning so that I could run first thing, but that just wasn't happening. By the time I was awake, although it was still only damp outside, I had to go to Cambridge for an appointment, and just hoped that the dampness would clear up (or clear off) and that the afternoon would bring brighter skies. Well who was I kidding?

As I drove back the clouds darkened and the rain started to fall. "Maybe it won't be raining in sunny Luton..." I tried to convince myself. And then thought that if it was still raining I could always do my Week 7 Run 2 on the treadmill at the gym. The closer I got to home, the heavier the rain seemed to get, and by the time I was parked at home I had to make a mad dash from the car to the front door, getting soaked in the process.

Decided that there was only one course of action left to me... prevarication.

So I dithered around having a snack and water, and deciding weather to get dressed for an indoor run, or put on my longer (no longer droopy) leggings and outdoor running shoes and brave the rain. And then, as if by magic, the sun came out and the rain started to dry up, and my decision was made. This must be an omen of good fortune, I convinced myself, it would be dry for the 35 minutes required. So outdoor running gear was donned, and off I set.

I'd only been walking for about 2 and half minutes when the rain started. First a few spots but pretty soon someone in the heavens was attempting to drench me with a bucket. The gremlins told me to turn back, but the water fairies beckoned me onwards, reassuring me that it wasn't that cold, and asking me, "Who wants to see out of their spectacles anyway?" So I persevered, telling myself that if I got too wet or too cold I would take a short cut detour and head for home. My legs had other thoughts and I soon got into a good rhythm and carried on, wondering why someone hasn't invented some way of keeping glasses cleared of raindrops.

The water fairies rewarded me for my determination, and pretty soon the rain turned into just slight drizzle, and I was on my way to the woodland (the one where the troll lives). Now the water fairies did a great job of stopping me getting any wetter from the head down (from falling rain), but didn't remember to protect me from getting wet from the feet upwards. Being unable to see clearly through my rain splattered glasses, I seemed to hit every puddle that had been left in my way. Pretty soon my feet were decidedly damp, and the wetness was gradually seeping up my ankles.

But somehow I still continued with an even greater resolve. Even the pixies in the trees who started to shake water off the leaves as I ran underneath didn't put me off, and Laura (oblivious to the weather) just carried on with her encouragement, and before I knew it I only had 5 more minutes of running to complete.

Getting out of the woodland a few head on gusts of wind helpfully drained my specs, and I was once more able to see clearly. I even managed to leap over a large puddle spanning right the way across the pathway and headed for home.

So that was my first run in the rain, and I'm so glad I attempted it, and even more chuffed that I completed it. Now to relax and warm up in a deep bath.


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8 Replies

  • As my husband used to tell me when I first embarked on the is wonderful madness...

    " When you're wet, you're wet! ...He usually said this from the warmth of the bed as I togged up to head out into the dampness. But, he was right... Rain is just water... and it can be so exhilarating.

    Brilliant... sounds like a great run... and a leap over a puddle at the end.. well done you... next time... right through it.. I dare you :)

  • Fantastic ...Attagirl😀

    Sometimes you just have to go for it...

    Well done Razouski . Extra brownie points from Laura.. (oh, she knew you were getting a soaking😉)

  • Brilliant post. well done for even getting out there ! I got soaked cycling to and from work today had no choice. I would have bottled it and not run today I think. I am lucky so far running mostly avoiding heavy rain.

    That hurdling over the puddle not only makes you a runner you can be a hurdler too !

  • Well done. Laura keeps going impressively in the rain :-D I had water fairies encouraging me on the route today, too, and in spite of our pixies being in the hedges and poking me with soggy foliage I was less wet than I expected until I got home and found that my car door was open (obviously something to do with our resident troll. As I wasn't sure if the internal light had been left on I had to check it started and discovered the hard way that the seat was very wet...

  • I think we have the same pixies, as mine were also poking me with soggy foliage. Sorry to hear about your car. At least it was still there when you got back.

  • Cheeky, those pixies :-D I was really very lucky that the only thing to happen to the car was the rain going on the seat!

  • Fantastic post! Leaping over the puddle at the end was sheer genius. But really, just try it next time, run through it, it's just such fun! 👏🏻👏🏻🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️😀😀

  • Well done for gettingnout there and sticking with it!

    Oh, the joys of wet weather in glasses! I'm seriously wondering if RainEx (think that's what the stuff that gets used on car windscrens is called) can be used on glasses. The only thing better than rain is when it's quite bright and my reactive lenses keep the 'ghost' of the raindrops!

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