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Out like a runner in like a... something slower


it's hot!!! It's traumatic!!! I need new running clothes

I haven't run for a week and a bit (life and laziness - and possibly avoidance) I do need to get my act together. The plan on the fridge for running and the cross training is not covered in shiney stars as it should be :( there's a week and a bit gap silently accusing me - although I can have a star today :)

This morning's run was hot, it's my first proper hot run and I prefer the rain and snow from when I started this madness. I did however enjoy a little gate swinging and climbing lol. Wasn't too bad in the shade of trees, but running across fields with no cover is very exposed. I did go naked again though ( you can stop spluttering lol not that kind of naked) no tunes - couldn't wear my viz gillet thing so no pockets other than the one in the leggings - it really was nice

Going to make a cup of tea and catch up on what you lot have been up to

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Ha Ha hope you had plenty of suncream :-)


I am going later on, it hasn't been this warm since I started running distances so not sure what to expect.

Won't go naked mind you the world is not ready for that :-)


i wasn't naked today (have been for the last couple of weeks) so enjoyed the change of listening to music and not being deafend by the sound of my laboured breathing.


Liking the idea of naked running will have to give that ago when I'm more running confident and body confident! Lol!


I take back every complaint I made about running in the rain, the heat is far worse!

I've not had music for the last few runs what with running club and Parkrun being social things. The hubby and I run together a lot now too so we dot wear earphones. I must admit it has helped my breathing as I can hear myself panting so try to slow it down, not in the heat though.

I was hoping that plan of yours would be full of the stickers and was highly motivating, maybe not then ;)


Not done the naked thing yet bit nervous of running without my musical encouragement but I think I'll try it and see how I get on. Not easy running in this heat though, I did feel naked running without my hide all jacket though!

Glad you're back on it! :)


Hello! Was wondering where you had gone! Can you tell me more about your shiny star system? I'm thinking about what comes next and trying to pick up tips!

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Ahhh the star chart. Well... Grab a cup of tea...

I have drawn out on a big piece of paper 9 weeks of 7 days a week and written in each day either run, rest or cross train - pilattes stretching type session or out on the bike. Then I've got sticky stars.

I've also got sticky dots and I'm working out what food to eat on which day (active and rest days) to fuel my body well (I got a copy of Go Faster Food - running reading out of control at the moment lol) still getting my head around that but I've altered my diet adding a few new recipes and my new favourite snack is peanut butter on oat cakes :)

I consulted a few running magazines and had a chat with a couple of running friends and I have designed myself a little programme to keep me going to my RaceforLife in Jul.

I've actually started to look at achieving 10 k distance, I have given myself some consolidation weeks to get compfy with 5 k so 2 x 30 mins in the week (fits schedule) and a 40 mins at the weekend (which is my 5k and 'long run') with a cross train on top. I've then got the first few weeks of a beginners 10k programme from Runners World Complete Guide to Women's Running writting that in for the 4 weeks ahead of race (without the swim bits) and then I'll continue with the rest of that plan after my race to build to 10 k by my birthday at the end of Sep

Well, in theory as I managed 0 last week! And only ran 30 mins due to the heat this Sun - i've given myself a star though as I decided it still counts and it was punishing having no stars for a whole week :)

it's on the fridge, planned and it's got stars :) we'll see how I do :)

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This sounds brilliant and I love the idea of making up your own training programme. Very interesting. I'm also aiming for 10k now, but I'm trying to consolidate the 5 first, so it would be great for me to make up something like this to still feel like I'm making progress, even though I'm still doing the same distance as before. Thanks for the tip on running food book - I'm on the lookout for running reading, as you might have seen in the questions!


I'm with you, the snow, frost, minus degree temperatures were more enjoyable than Sunday's heat, even at 8am in the morning. It was also my first run for a week. Did 5K while my daughter did her Wk9 R3 last Sunday morning, then went to zumba on the Wednesday and was a bit too enthusiastic and my knee ached afterwards and my back was misbehaving as it does at times. I was really missing my run so decided Sunday would be good, managed 30mins but not 5K. Not a pretty sight in the heat. Bought an air glider or is it an air walker for £25 off of ebay the other day and have put it in the back garden. We really bought it for DD3 during the hols but it is quite addictive and no impact on the knees. If it only lasts the summer it will be worth it and sure it would count for one of your shiny stars. Yoga tonight, so another star. I think I am going to put a chart on my fridge too, perhaps I exercise more than I think.

I've also been reading up on dietary requirements and think I might be short on protein.

Anyway, blow the cup of tea, I'm about to have a lovely glass of red.

We should take a leaf out of B3eanyBoys book and run really early in the morning, remember those early morning photos. :)

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