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Week 7 - for real!

Yes, tonight I smacked my regular gremlins down with the sure and certain knowledge that I could do this run, cos I already did at the end of week 6. They tried to come along for the ride anyway, but I left them behind pretty quickly :) Three 'puppy pauses' as Pup decided she just needed a moment to sit down - no more than a couple of seconds each, and none after the halfway point (I think she realised we were on the way home! :D ), but I added an extra minute or so on the end just to make sure I wasn't short-changing myself.

From the halfway point, we come back along the bridlepath which is pretty level I think, then up a longish incline (can't honestly call it a hill). A few weeks ago this bit was hard work - tonight I didn't even notice it. But I got to the top, but the farm, where it starts going down, and realised I was running much faster for the last five minutes than I had been for the first five. I haven't actually checked the details on Runkeeper, and yes I'm comparing the easy going down with the much harder going up carrying a few gremlins, but just knowing that I could do that gave me such a lift! :)

So yes, I can DO this! The love of running is coming back, and the support of folks on here is so vital!

Oh, and the elder daughter went out for a run this afternoon, and did week 2 run 2 all by herself. So pleased! :)

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I'm smiling here - what a beautifully evocative post of what Running means to us all here :) You have the Soul of a Poetess :)

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Yup, I think every run reminds me of the freedom it gives me and the joy that comes with it. It never leaves us, does it! Well done to your daughter too, go her!


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