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When a run goes bad

Hi. Tried to run last session of week 9 today. Just awful. I ran it ok twice this week having worked steadily through the programme over the last 10 weeks (did week 8 twice because of work pressures of time). Anyway, today I just ground to a half after about 12 minutes. Just couldn't do it. Walked and ran on and off for the rest of it, just no energy.

Anyone else experienced this and how did you get past it? I have a sore throat so maybe a cold starting, or do I just need to man (well woman) up?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Often if your legs just give up it's cos you have simply run out of fuel

Walking and running the rest of it is no problem at all. Just keep going is the best plan. You can often get a second wind, but only if you have enough fuel on board of course


We all get runs like this! For me, it is is often a sign I'm about to go down with something (I think your sore throat is a clue). Sometimes it's lack of fuel, a busy few days catching up with us - and sometimes there seems no explanation at all! Chalk it down as just one of 'those' runs - there will be far more good ones I promise🙂!


Ps. Such a shame it happened on your last run too - but I bet you will smash it next time!🏃🏻😀🏃🏻


Bad runs can come from nowhere. As already said just chalk it off, don't let it get you down and go for it again. You have done two so you know you can!

Look forward to reading your graduation post jrwtc ;)

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Given all that you've said, it seems most likely that you are a wee bit poorly which is rough timing for you but you'll get there soon.

However, there's definitely a phenomenon of a wobble getting close to graduation as if people are unconsciously scared at what happens 'on the other side' and worried about losing the structure of the programme. This is where an element of planning for post-graduation can be helpful.

Good luck either way, not that you need luck at this stage.


Sometimes you get a bad run - there can be all sorts of reasons - lack of sleep, dehydrated, sickening for something etc.

Don't fret - it's part of being a runner.Shame it happened on your graduation run but you'll be fine another time.


Thank you all for your replies, all very useful. I took an asthma inhaler last night, which is really really unusual for me, so not on top form health wise. Didn't run this morning but am going to go tomorrow morning. I think what Googleme says about the wobble may be true too, I did check three years ago and graduated (hence the badge) and then after a couple of weeks stopped running. I think I am someone who needs a specific goal. Might have to sign up to a fundraiser race as a motivator. Onwards and upwards:-)


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