Bad Run! Why?

I am just back from Week 7 run 3. So this is the fourth 25 minute run I've done, but today wasn't easier, it was harder! Why??? I had to stop after about 3 minutes to take my inhaler (chilly morning), and then i did run it all the way to the end, but it hurt; i couldn;t get my breathing right. I got a stitch. Just yuk! I'm feeling so disappointed with myself. I really want this to be fun. Because of a busy week, the last run i did was Wednesday evening, so that's 3 non running days between. Could that be anything to do with it?


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9 Replies

  • For me I often found that repeats of runs were harder than the initial attempt. I think it was because the first time I was expecting it to be hard and so went slower, whereas I was expecting the repeat run to be easier because I had done it before. This meant that the repeat run was a lot harder mentally because my expectation was greater, but also it meant that (either consciously or subconsciously) I often tried to go faster on repeat runs. This made the repeat run harder physically too, which just made the problem worse! Overall I have read all the experienced runners on this forum say that they all have good runs and bad runs, sometimes with an obvious reason, sometimes not, so I think the best advice is just to try going out again next time. For me, my most "fun" runs have been when I went a lot slower than usually which was when it really hit home to me how much I had progressed. Good luck with week 8.

  • I agree totally with Magnetix101, especially about the expectation of repeat runs. There are so many variables, both within ourselves (physically and mentally) and in our running environment that can affect the way a run feels and the cause of a bad run can often not be identified. Just looking at your post for reasons: a colder morning, a stitch (possibly caused by eating or drinking just before running) and a busy week could all be negative factors. The important thing is that you went out there and ran, thereby improving your fitness and stamina, which I presume is your main reason for doing the programme anyway.

    The longer runs coming up to graduation are hard (they were for me anyway) both physically and mentally and you are pushing yourself probably further than you have ever done before. Just look where you started from, congratulate yourself on getting to where you are, accept that some runs are not as good as others, grit your teeth and push on towards your graduation. At this stage, three days non running is not likely to affect you significantly.

    Good luck. Keep running, the rewards are great.

  • couldn't agree more with lannoda and magnetix..I often found that i went too fast and wore myself out but if you can just take it slow and steady and ease up on yourself you might find the run a lot more pleasurable.You aren't racing anybody except yourself. I think you're amazing anyway for running with asthma it cant be easy.I know some people with asthma who wont even walk anywhere let alone run!! Good luck on your next run,slow and steady wins the race:)

  • You got yourself out there, katiebell888, and did the running - WELL DONE YOU! Sometimes there is neither rhyme nor reason why a run is not good. Put it behind you and look forward to the next run. The later runs in the programme are demanding - we must expect them to be - but think how much you are benefiting, and just how far you have come on!

    Good luck - and positive thoughts!

  • Well done katiebell888 on completing the run especially when your asthma was bothering you. This time of the year can catch us asthmatics out due to the colder air. I purchased a buff at the start of last winter and it helped prevent my asthma flaring just by covering my mouth until my tubes were used to the exertion and colder air.

    I agree with all that has been said above but just want to add, we all have good runs and bad ones, some times there is no obvious reason for a bad one, it just happens. We just have to put them behind us, move on and sure as anything the next one will be much better. Well done, you will soon have your graduate badge :)

  • I sympathise Katie, i'm on a beginners course with a running club on week 4 working up to continuous running for 30 mins over 10 weeks. me and a friend been training twice a week, doing well, even enjoying it ! then i went with the club on saturday and it was like i had never run in my life before! i hated every minute and found it so so hard. I was really disheartened and felt humiliated being left at the back ( i know its not a race but i felt pressure with others around I think) Mental attitude has everything to do with it for me, but i won't give up! Also the trainer started us on a hill for the first 5 mins which finished me off before i'd even started!

  • Thanks everyone! I went out this morning for week8, run1, and I was fine! No rhyme or reason. I took my inhaler before i set off, i was probably less tired - who knows. I ran for the full 28 minutes, and even sped up for the last couple of minutes. AND i saw the sun rise, and i almost ran in to a heron! I'll know next time that a bad run is a blip.

  • Hi - me too I found Wk7R3 really hard but like yourself it was a grey cold day and my asthma really got the better of me. My doctor has put me on medication called Singulair which helped a lot as it assists asthma brought on by effort. Anyway did it so off to Week 8 tommorrow. Keep on keeping on!

  • I have experienced the same thing too. The adrenaline rush of having to step up to the 25 mins suddenly soon wore off when I had to do it a second and a third time. I have also found that I am much more tired physically this week and sleeping like a log, so the longer runs are definitely pushing my body harder. Have you thought about perhaps changing your route? Perhaps psychologically it would help? It sounds like you're back on track anyway, so put it down to experience and remember that nothing worth doing is ever easy!!

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