'Go girl... respect' - when a run goes well ❤️

'Go girl... respect' - when a run goes well ❤️

I had one of those runs where amazingly everything was great... a bit like driving and all the lights are green:

No dogs jumped up ( normally at least 2 do... I have a fear of dogs since being bitten by one)

The one dog that ran towards me was grabbed by its owner ( who looked like the queen!!) and she apologised!!!

When I was running up the second to last hill I passed a mums and buggies brigade- normally they grimace at me but today one of them said to me, 'go girl..... respect,' .... I was very very happy and I did my best to look all calm and in control ( I was really tired at this point and v sweaty!!)

Lastly- I actually felt really strong going up the hills... my training must finally be paying off!!!!

I love running in the woods, I feel so blessed that I can,



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54 Replies

  • Beautiful photographs... beautiful run.... lucky you. :)

    You sound as if you had a super time... and running into the queen too.. how special is that !

    Well done you x

  • Thankyou!! It did look a lot like her, but the dog wasn't a corgi!!!!

  • Ah lovely... you know what, I think there must be a particular problem with the dogs round your way. When my Dad used to go running in the same area he was always getting into rows with owners.

    My 'no brainer' run spots are prime dog walking woods ie you rarely see anyone without a dog, hence that dog walker's comment on my sans-Google run recently.... and yet I am not sure any dog has put a paw up on me. Shown interest in my dog treat bag, yes!

  • I think you are right, I don't ever say anything when the dog leaps up as they usually are owned by burly men that might beat me up!!!

  • But.. you can run away, really quickly and up hills too! :)

  • Great run jj and really great photos. ✋🏼

  • Thankyou... I love it when a run goes well!!

  • Stunning photos, brilliant run, you can't top that now, can you! Well done ju-ju-

  • Thankyou... I know!! I think tomorrow's will be worst ever!!!! But I'm going to be optimistic 😎

  • Quite right. Optimism is far better. Still can't quite believe that I saw a glove on the ground on my run. Made me smile! 😊

  • Great run, go girl.

  • Thankyou :)

  • Definitely "go girl" 🤗 Gorgeous photos from our Queen of the C25K 😊

  • Awww that's very sweet!!! And Thankyou, I love it when a run goes so well!!!

  • You look amazing !

    Yeah ! Massive respect :-) xxx

  • Thankyou Pops... xxx

  • It's just one of the best feelings ever when you have a really good run , can't beat it ! :-) xxx

  • And it doesn't happen that often does it?!! When it does though, it's the best ❤️

  • Don't you look glam on your run! Great photos :-)

  • Thankyou 😎

  • Sounds wonderful. You make it all sound so enjoyable, which is great for motivation.

  • That's what I was hoping...l Thankyou so much 😎

  • Great to have such a happy run :) And you look like a million dollars at the end of it :) Double winner :)

  • Awww that's very kind, Thankyou 😎

  • Ah JJ you really are the queen of the hills. Great photos (can't believe you're still running in a vest!) You must have quads and gluts of steel, so I'll echo the mums and buggies brigade, you go girl, respect!!

  • I was thinking that too! Had my running jacket, buff and hat on but did have to take the hat off after a bit. I think she must be running fast!

  • I started with a jacket on but the hills get me so hot I ended up tying it round my waist! Hills are the best for getting firm thighs, although with the amount I eat that's not going to happen!!!!!

  • Now why do I find it hard to believe you have anything other than super-firm thighs? Oh I know, it's because you can run up MAHOOSIVE hills without collapsing half way up!! xx

  • Ha ha... mahoosive... love it!!!!💪🏻

  • Haha our brains are in sync today! I was thinking that too. Betya those thighs would stand up to inspection. You look absolutely amazing JuJu like a glowing advert for running :)

  • Sound like a fantastic run Juju and great to feel the love from the sisterhood! 🙂

  • Thankyou 😎

  • that looks lovely! you're right on track for next weekend i reckon! excellent stuff :)

  • Sadly I've had to pull out as we have CQC coming to inspect us at work and I need to be 100% focussed.... there will be more!!!

  • What a pity - hope the inspection goes well

  • What lovely pics! Sounds great! Where is the mud, though - we have so much of it round here...

  • Yep lots of mud, this was at the top of the hill so less there!!!

  • Looking fab AND running amazing runs. If you weren't such a nice encourager of the rest of us we might be bitter! x

  • Ha ha Thankyou!! 😎

  • Yay! All power to your running legs! It's great int it when that happens. When all the planets align sorta thing and you blast a good run. I enjoy the cool down run afterwards and plan my hot bath and cuppa tea, and if the run was long enough, a treat! Sort of nicely tops it all off

    Hopefully I will have such a run tomorrow. Tonight I walked the dog and it's drizzly and foggy. Hopefully tomorrow will be bright!

    Speaking of corgis! I got badly bitten on the lower leg by a corgi when I was about 12. Had to have 3 tetanus injections over 18 months. I still like dogs though, including corgis. Good job as there are zillions of em on the trail

  • Dog bite sounds awful.... I hope you have a good run today..... and I hope you have good weather too 😎

  • Great photos! You look so glamorous and chilled, and the woods look beautiful too. Your training seems to be going very well, sounds like a really good run!

  • Thankyou... I am so lucky to live by these woods... 😎

  • What beautiful running territory! Very impressed that you look so composed at the end as well - respect indeed!

  • Thankyou so much... 😎

  • You look so happy :) makes my day too when people are friendly. Where I run thankfully no dogs have left up on me. What I do sometimes get is dogs appearing out of nowhere, owners nowhere in sight and the dog just runs alongside me for a bit, sometimes quite a while, then they just fade off back into the trees and I suppose go and find their owners. I'm always a bit startled when I suddenly notice the dog because with music on you don't hear them approach. They give you a sidewise look when you react startled but I always say "hi there gorgeous" or something and keep running. It is a bit odd but quite nice too.

  • That sounds so nice... I think I scare dogs because of my fear of them... they sense it. I'm also allergic to them so I don't go too near!!! It was a lovely run, Thankyou 😎

  • If they jumped up at me, I'd be scared too!

  • R E S P E C T (soundbite of Aretha Franklin) Ju(icy)Ju

    I always am amazed by your photos and have come to the conclusion that

    a) you carry a selfie stick on your runs

    b) you pay a photographer to follow you

  • Ha ha... I love the idea of a photographer, it gets lonely always running alone... 😎

  • Look at that smile! Best I can manage is a grimace...mind you I don't get to run in gorgeous woods like that, lucky you xx

  • Thankyou... the woods are rather special...

  • Respect to you Ju - those hills and woods are lush, but to run them is awesome ☺🏃👌 xx

  • I love those runs when everything feels perfect! It's always so nice to have a stranger encourage you too. The woods look beautiful.

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