A.W.O.R. ~ Absent With Out Running


Thought I'll pop in and say hello. It's been a quiet week or so on the running front for me, and I ended up A.W.O.R. :-( .

So today thought to myself come what may, I have to get out there and run! So left work early and sneaked in a run before leaving for college. The weather was lovely and as I hadn't run for a week or so was a bit apprehensive to how it would go.

After a few minutes all the apprehensions had gone out the window, and I was back to my normal running pattern. There were no tired legs, or heavy breathing in fact my breathing was so calm I had to stop and make sure that I hadn't keeled over! :-) . I think due to the long rest period I was fresher and that with the ease of running I had decided to run a bit further today.

Well run I did, and managed to run 6.5km comfortably in just under 40 mins (no stats today as I didn't take the phone with me). Overall really enjoyed the run and it feels good to be back.

So how as everyone else been? One other thing I have noticed generally is that there a lot more runners out on the road now. Looks like the one's scared of rain and stuff have finally come out of hibernation ;-)


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12 Replies

  • Hi...Glad to hear you are running again. Lucky man! It was a lovely day and I was stuck up the hospital with an ENT appointment. By the time we left, it had turned a bit cold.

    Glad you got back into the swing after a week. Keep up the good work and wave if you pass Priory Park.

    Regards, Val.

  • Thank you. Hope your appointment went well. My route now usually incorporates Priory Park, but will probably start turning left once the clocks have changed.

    I'm yet to do a normal daylight run!

  • Hi Saul

    Thanks. The outcome is that I have a serious allergy to grass (and cats) and I live right next door to Priory Park. Luckily I'm not allergic to our 10 year old dog (photo above) so will have to put up with it when I go over the park with him.

    Keep up the good work wherever you decide to run. Priory gets crowded when the evenings get lighter.

    Regards, Val.

  • Lucky the ground is artificial or you would be in trouble.. I actually remember playing in the park during my school days.

  • Yes I know, but the trouble is the Council don't upkeep the grounds properly and there is quite a big increase of wild grass over the back part where we take him for exercise, which is always flooding in the winter months, but so long as he is happy, I am happy to let him have his run where it is a bit quieter from youngsters playing football. My son looks after him, as I just have to follow them around on my disability scooter, so keep up the fitness regime, as I wouldn't want you to grow old and disabled the way I have done. You are doing GREAT, so keep it up...Val.

  • I think once you've reached a certain level of fitness that a few days off, or a week, actually make you stronger and faster. Can't do it too often though, or you lose your fitness.

    Now I just have to get to that level😈

  • Thank you. Regarding the fitness level, I think you are right there. After the 9 week plan, I changed my routine to run after 2 days not the one, which gave my legs real rest time.

    There was definitely a glitch In the Matrix, next run is due tomorrow morning. I'm sure you'll get those levels up in no time. From all the advise I have received and read, the one that stands out the most is "Listen to your body" and don't over do it.

  • Well done you...glad you are back out there, wondered where you were :)

    You are running really well and speedy too... I am trundling along at 5K but trying to up my distances too, ( Have started posting on Bridge to 10K too, in order to get some useful tips :) )

    There are more runners out, you are right! Fair weather runners as you say...whereas the rest of us are out there, in wind, rain and anything else the weather throws at us...go us!!!!

  • Hiya Oldfloss,

    Recently I've been lurking than posting watching all the new graduates coming through and keeping the flag flying.

    I ended up doing that distance because of the route. It was new and I didn't quite judge it properly and was quite far from home when the 5k marker flagged up. Nice to know I can run that far though :-)

    I'll be following your footsteps soon and crossing that bridge :-)

  • Well if I can, you surely can.. and you would overtake me too! It is fun and a lot of really sensible support, as on C25K...:)

  • I'm quite glad I did my first struggling steps in winter without much of an audience. Went for a morning run yesterday, a slow but enjoyable 60 mins, the weather was glorious, though today is crap again. Had a beautiful blue sky and kept peeling of bits of clothing as I went: first gloves, then jacket, finally hat. There were a lot of runners out and it felt good to be one of them. Even saw a pelican in the artificial lake in the park. Not sure how it got there. Thought it had to be a statue till it moved! I think it was maybe a fugitive from the zoo which is nearby.

  • Hello,

    I think your opening sentance nailed it on the head. At least we won't be lobster faced and grabbing our sides, come the warmer months :-)

    This weather is so unpredictable lately it's unbelieveable. Last week was a god send, and come Monday complete opposite. Hey look on the bright side, at least we weren't stuck at work!

    You came across a Pelican, me with the fox looks like we should open an animal shelter.

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