Out the door for my date with Julie(must be a great party girl) and set off for drizzle induced fun oh what fun shall I take a jacket shall I not gave in put one on and we're off nice and slow just for the 28 minutes today no faffing with Mapmyrun managed the inclines a bit easier today and managed another 1 minute burst at the end. One more done run 3 on friday and then it is the big week.

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  • Inclines? burst? These are not words in my running vocabulary yet! The big week, so close now. You do make it sound far too easy :) Well done on another one!

  • Well done! Nearly there...๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thanks it's been fun I am one for wanting instant results but knowing this is for the long haul took my time and here we are

  • Spoken like a true runner!๐Ÿ™‚

  • I'm at the same point as you exactly! Nearly there...good isn't it? Who'd have thought it?! Well done. Keep at it.

  • Wahay!, well done โ˜บ Take things steady and you will graduate in style very soon ๐Ÿ˜Š

    It's fun int it!

  • Yep still not sunk in that I can run for 28 minutes

  • Ha ha. Mad innit! You will be amazed at what is possible but you have to take care โ˜บ

  • It is mad ! If someone had said to you 2 months ago that you would be able to run for 28 minutes non stop , you would've thought they were crazy wouldn't you ?

    Now look at you ! One more to go then Graduation Week, Hurrah ! :-D xxx

  • Certainly is. Just got to decide what to do next

  • Well done on completing today's run in such style. See at the start line on Friday.

  • you're on

  • She gets around, does that Julie! She ended up on holiday with me!! Not long to go now and you'll be posting about your graduation!!! :)

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