Thinking on buying a garmin for motivational purposes

I did the program on the treadmill I love the treadmill it is my best friend my warm friend and my painfree friend however tuesday feeling the sudden urge to run but with the gym full of weight lifting stary eyed men in the evenings I did the unthinkable I ran outside for the first time ever with no headphone no knowledge of the time or anything I only did 1.5 miles (map my run) but i did it I was so incredibly chuffed when i got home I did a little dance! So I am thinking of investing in one of the garmin bad boys to make me go for it a little bit more can't do any harm right? Any suggestions on one just need time distance and pace =D


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  • It starts with just distance and pace, then you want more...

    My mates chuffed with his forerunner 10.

    I'm very chuffed with my 610, though I learned to hate my 210.

    My boss is exceedingly chuffed with his 620.

    I don't think you can go wrong.

  • I've got garmin forerunner 110 Ithink it's a basic one compared to others you can get , it does all what you want & you can upload or download ( god knows what ) your runs on your lap top . Glad you enjoyed your outdoor run . Well done .

  • I've got the Forerunner 10 - simplest one from Garmin you can get - £80. Only 5 hours battery life when tracking, though.

  • I have a Garmin 610. I use it to log all my runs, and if I want to go for a set pace it can do that, or I can race a virtual partner.

    I used to use mapmyrun but had always struggled as I had a few apps and was struggling to keep them all working at the same time.. I'm having issues with Garmin calculating calories wrong and am currently importing all my Garmin runs in to Mapmyrun.

    I guess if you want pace, and to be able to monitor it as you run then you'll need a watch of some sort - some times I wonder if mapmyrun would be sufficient for my needs. I paid c£150 for my 610, prices have come down significantly since the 620 was released.

  • a virtual partner =0 that sounds intresting 610 seems like it will do what i want and more will have a look thanks =D

  • Virtual racer is also useful, it lets you compare yourself to your previous runs.

  • I have the 10 and it does exactly what it says on the box. I love running outside and I wanted to be able to accurately measure and share with ppl. It is a bit hinky on the calories burned but I don't care lol.

  • 200 pound on amazon for a 610 =0 might be a dream at this point lol I have a wedding to save for =[

  • Do you want me to email the company I got mine from to see if they have any £150 which is what I paid a month ago?

  • I say, if you can afford it why not!

    They look great and you improve by knowing your times.

  • I got the forerunner 220, but I hear the 110 is amazing for the basics and is dropping in price due to new releases, so might be worth a look? :)

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