Girls - sports bras, take 2

Following on from the very lively thread from boptillyoudrop49 a week or so ago, I'm very excited to report that Debenhams currently has a fab deal on Shock Absorber sports bras. £10 off!!  

My favoured Shock Absorber Ultra (?Ultimate) Running Bra is normally £40, so I was very happy with £30. Imagine my delight when it went through the checkout at £28!!  

Get your running shoes on and get yourself down to Debenhams this weekend!  I haven't checked whether the same offers exist online, but I would expect so. 


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11 Replies

  • Fab news thanks for the heads up! My boobs will also thank you on my next run! Lol 😂

  • The Debenhams by me just didn't have them in the right sizes, they only had a small selection which was a shame. I have a pretty good M&S one which does well enough, oddly all 3 of my sports bras have been different M&S types now.

  • Thanks!!

  • You're welcome!  I'm practically evangelical about Shock Absorber bras!

  • A sort of Saint of Support..I love it😊

  • I got so hot this morning I had to do the last kilometre and a half in just my running capris and bra.  Too hot for the long sleeved top and the 'bra' looks a bit like a crop top (I am very flat chested!).  If you'd suggested this kind of behaviour to me a couple of years ago I would have laughed in your face!  What is the world coming to? 

    (PS one advantage of looking like a boy is that sports bras are a fiver from Aldi not £40 from Debenhams.  I knew there had to be something good about it after suffering years of teenage abuse from all the kids at school for my lack of womanly figure and decades of hiding under tshirts on European beaches).  Hey ho.

  • Wow... not just leggings, not just lycra but exposed midriff!

  • I know. It's a truly gruesome thought,  isn't it!!!

  • There's always a blessing hidden away in there somewhere!  I am of the curvy variety, and although I was never entirely comfortable in my netball bib due to the boobage, I'm happy to pay for good underwear to ensure the curves remain curvy.  Having said that, my Shock Absorber running bra holds all breast tissue very snugly against my ribcage - not a curve in sight!! :)

  • I would have liked to experience some curves.  It's odd being female and not possessing the physical attributes which denote one as such.  I think a lot of my adult insecurities stem from that.  If only underwear had existed when I was young which could have addressed it.  Short of stuffing loo roll down my front I was helpless.  These days modern lingerie is much kinder to we flat-fronted girls.  Plus the fact that I'm pretty much past caring these days.  Clothes though, it has to be said, hang much better if your belly doesn't stick out further than your boobs :)  Enjoy your lovely new bra - I'm sure you'll go even faster now the girls are strapped down!!

  • You're absolutely right - with the boobage tends to come a curvy belly too!  Bane of my life, particularly after the blessing of 2 children.  It's the bit of me that I fixate on and obsess over, despite the fact I also have a round bum and "strong" legs; it's always my belly that I look at first when I get dressed, and always the part that I want to hide. 

    I have a good friend who has your build -  says she'd give anything to have my chest.  I've always said she can have my chest if she takes the belly too ;)

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