Couch to 5K

Here we go! 1st time ever! :)

Here we go! 1st time ever! :)

Well I have just downloaded the podcasts and impressed myself with getting them over to my phone!!!! :) 1st goal accomplished hehe ;)

I think Im going to enjoy this - I like the music on the podcasts, and it will be nice to get out there and not be stuck at a gym - I am bored sick of the treadmill would rather be outside!

I dont have a sports bra yet - thats next week after payday but I dont want to wait another week so Im just going to wear a very tight top etc and see how I go! Cant wait to be a runner! Never done this ever before! Eek! One thought - where do you get those armband things to hold your phone/ipod?!?!

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Firstly well done for making the first step to being a runner :)

eBay or sports direct sell the armband thing, mine was about £3.

I wear a well fitted bra I already had and a cheap sports bra over it and my husband says I look safe enough to run next to traffic without risking a collision as drivers see my puppies swinging. In others words in well strapped in :)


HAhaa I need to be well strapped in as well - JJ! eek! So really dont want those hanging dowm to my knees! ;) Sports bra tomorrow!

ANd thank you! I never thought Id run - Im amazed with myself! Cant wait for my next run already - with more support! :D

How did you find the 9 weeks?Think I may have to repeat week 1!


Well done on your first run, I have just done week one but am going to repeat it again starting tomorrow as didn't complete a couple of the 60 seconds of running and feel I would benefit from repeating the week.

I purchased myself a sports bra before starting the program, I got the shock absorber run bra and have no bounce at all so am really pleased with it, (although I'm not as large as your jj cup thankfully) !

I also bought a Karrimor running belt which was £4 from sports direct and is big enough for my phone, mp3 player, keys and a tissue (my nose always seems to run when I am running) so plenty of room.

Good luck with your next run.


I didn't repeat any of the runs. I always moved on as long as I was able to complete the next run then that's what I did. At times I walked a bit extra if I couldn't keep running but I also ran a bit extra at the end of the podcast to make up for that.

It's a personal choice to redo any of the runs and my friend felt she needed to do it on week 1.

Some runs were awful but mostly I felt fantastic after a run. I've always hated every form of exercise and never for a moment did I expect to catch the running bug however, I'd caught it by wk1 run 1 :D I love running, it clears my mind, lifts my mood and leaves me feeling energised! (during the programme a run often left me wiped out for the day, it was very new for my poor body though and took some adjusting to).

Trust in the programme and you will succeed :). Good luck


ooh muffintop a running belt! good idea- didnt really fancy one of those armband things!

Anonymous 36 -aha wiped out?! Thats what that nap on the sofa was ;)


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