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Firs Post Graduation run


Well after the success of graduation I went out again without Laura after finding some running music on youtube it now resides on my phone.

A little bit warm at 430am (ie 20 deg C) but I drunk a good litre before I started and had another litre in one of those doughnut bottles as I call them. My run was not the full 30 minutes more like 25 but with my shirt soaked and no liquid left to drink, I decided best to finish early. Drunk another pint before jumping in a cold shower.

This weather is a bit to warm for evening runs and maybe at the moment for morning runs so they may not be the full time but long enough until iit cools down a bit.

Be careful out there with this heat and drink plenty.

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Well done Andy

I saw a few runners last night around 6pm on my way home from work . Hardcore or what ? :-)

Im not due out until tomorrow or Thursday now , I am hoping it may have cooled down a bit by then xxx


Well done Andy, you certainly seem to be keeping yourself well hydrated. I went out yesterday morning at 09.30 ( thats early for me cos I'm retired) I started on Sunday to consolidate my runs by doing 2 weeks more of week 9. It was cloudy and the first 15 mins of my outing were on a shady track but boy oh boy was it warm. So, after a ten minute warm up walk of I went into my slowish run I tried to pick up my speed but it was a struggle I only managed manage to run for 20mins before what seemed like a very long 20min brisk walk home. Will I be going out on a run tomorrow? not if its as warm as today, just ggoing to sit outside in the shade with a magnum white chocolate ice-cream!!


Well done. Very sensible to go slow and steady in the heat and a little shorter if you need. Your whole running life is ahead of you so no need to rush :)

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