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W5R1 - time to replace the running shoes (AGAIN)

So, got myself out for W5R1 on Saturday and about halfway my ankle starts to hurt. I continue because "it is just a bit of a twinge from an old injury" and manage the entire run. What an idiot! We are now on Monday and my ankle is still hurting. Even walking is pretty uncomfortable. Couldn't understand why, so checked out the support on my running shoes (bought 1 year ago) and the support on the right side of the shoes has literally collapsed in that shoe :( Obviously didn't notice whilst running, but my goodness I am noticing it now!

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It went just like that? Or maybe it's cumulative...hope your ankle gets better soon, happy shopping!

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Definitely cumulative. I've noticed they haven't been quite so cushioning when running lately :(


So you've done good mileage in these over the year? What make are they?

Hope ankles better soon..


Oh dear! Well at least you know the cause of your pain. So, new shoes! 😊 you have to post a pic you know 😊


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