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Running shoes

Well..... my running shoes have just arrived! I got a little too excited I think and then so disappointed to find they are half a size to large. So, having to re-order some running shoes from the kids part of sports direct as I am now a size 5.5. Still, the bright side is that I can get cheaper running shoes..... tee hee. I have also completed week one day three on my x-trainer at home. Starting to fee a rhythm now, hope I can transfer this to outdoors next week when new running shoes arrive.

Will keep you all posted.

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What is your regular shoe size? If it is 5 then running shoes in a 5.5 are exactly what you want -

Keep them - I wear a 6.5 in regular shoes and run in a 7.5 and a 8.5... (feet get a bit bigger duting the run - especially if you run for longer than 30 minutes)

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pigivi is right. Most people get a half size bigger for running shoes. I got some Brooks in 13 and they are fine at a full size bigger than my normal shoes. If they are marginally big, you can try lacing your shoes a bit different to make them fit better.

good luck with the running


One of the sages on here advised about 'running laces'. Having never heard of them before, I ran it through Google and found some on Amazon.

They are elastic laces which replace your standard ones and allows an element of flex. They also have the added benefit of using a toggle to tighten up so no more laces coming undone half-way through a run.

At first I thought they were a bit of a novelty but now, I would replace any new running trainers' laces with these.


Fully agree with my esteemed colleagues on this. Half size up to full size up is what i take for all my running shoes, road or trail. Gym shoes I take in my normal size, by contrast.

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The way I understand it is the .5 means just slightly wide. So if you get a five, I will be the same length but narrower.

Anyway, don't forget the picture. I am sure we all want to see them.


my normal shoe size is a 6, the running shoes I bought had at least an inch gap between my toes and the front of the shoe. I thought this would mean my feet would try and push towards the front of the running shoe and cause some kind of damage to my feet? Hence ordering a half size smaller so my feet are more securely seated in the running shoe?


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