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W4 R1 - a strange but good run

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Laura said 3 mins of running and I thought OK - I've done that before. Then she said 5 minutes of running and I thought....Oh crikey! Theres a hill in front of me 😟

But what Laura says, I do, so off I went. Very slow and feeling very hot as the sun was beating down on me

My head was down and I was struggling. It's been a strange week as my precious and much loved mum-in-law died on Monday but I told myself that although I was hurting a bit, I was out there, in beautiful surroundings, on a sunny day with people I loved around me and that I was alive

So even with my legs aching, I lifted my head and I made a conscious effort to notice the sun on the trees and the dragonflies darting past me and the birds flying around the trees and the way my funny pictured companion was enjoying his walk/run....and I relished the view of my husband in front of me waving encouragingly and circling back to give me high 5's every time I finished a run

And I only went and bloomin' did it. The last 5 mins running were easier than the first but I was tireder after the run than I have been for a few weeks. But I did it and I am feeling so good. I ran 16 minutes in total albeit at intervals but still 16 minutes!

Still got to credit all you guys for getting me this far. At one stage I said to my husband (yes, I can talk a bit whilst running now!) I've got to do this as I have to let the forum know πŸ˜€. Your posts are massively motivational - thanks x

On a final and upbeat note: when we got home I said to hubby, Laura says I can have a snack - do you want one? πŸ˜‚ He asked if Laura had moved in with us - whoops. A step too far perhaps πŸ˜‚

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I agree, the second five minutes were easier than the rest. The hardest for me was the second three minutes, both times -I did week 4 run 2 this morning. In the rain!

lightweightkateGraduate in reply to RunaroundSue

Well done you - right behind you :-) Sorry for the rain - only run once in it but I quite liked it but then it is summer - not so fun in the winter i'm sure :-)

Sorry to hear of your loss. I am sure the run did you good though

lightweightkateGraduate in reply to RunaroundSue

It sure did - thanks

I know exactly what you mean about Laura. She is taking over our lives :)

Spooky that she knows when to tell me my chin has dropped in the Stretch and Flex exercises!


This is a lovely post. Laura moving in made me chuckle! Non C25Kers fail to realise what a big part of everything she is for those 9 weeks! Well done for completing the run!

Sorry to hear your sad news but glad your successful run has lifted your mood a little. I agree with you the support from this forum is fantastic and has certainly helped me along. Your running companion looks lovely too. Keep your chin up and keep running.


Such a lovely post.

Very well done. Sadness, mingled with the joy of being loved and the beauty of a continuing world. Well done you.

Lovely photo too:)


I am pondering here, why the place you are in looks so familiar to me... :)

Well done x


Great job on the run, I can't say enough good things about Laura, she and this forum are the reason I am a runner now, more so this forum. Follow the program and you will be fine.

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