Another short run

Since my Saturday run, I've not managed to get out, so tonight I rang Mr Rainbow as I left work to say I wanted to run as soon as I got in so please don't have my dinner nearly ready! (I know, what a terrible problem to have, right?! ;) ). That was fine, so I got changed as soon as I could and headed out to have another go at Speed.

Well, what a run! Cedric made a half-hearted attempt to tell me I couldn't do it, after all I'd walked a bit on my last run, so I already knew I was a failure, didn't I. Yes, that nasty gremlin used the F-word! 😳😡 But I told him it's only a five minute run, and I know I can do that, then six short intervals, and they fly past. So there.

Usually when I run I'm aware that I'm taking very short steps, but tonight I managed to lengthen my stride a little. I wasn't planning on it, it wasn't a conscious decision - just somehow it felt easy and comfortable. Even the last of the intervals, I was aware how much I was striding out compared to normal. Final result: 12 seconds a mile quicker than my previous two Speed runs! Definitely happy with that :) And Cedric can take a hike! :D


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7 Replies

  • Go you! Very well done... such determination!:)

    I love Speed... cannot wait until I am back on form enough to do it!

  • Sounds fun and speedy 🏃but just be careful you don't stride out too much and make sure your feet land under your hips. But it sounds a great run 😊

  • No worry about overstriding, believe me! I normally take teeny-tiny steps, so just felt like I was actually stepping out in a slightly more normal way! ;) But yes, always good to be reminded :)

  • Dreadful problem to have; don't know how you cope!

    Well done! I know exactly what you mean about short strides.

  • I did Speed yesterday for the first time in a long time. Don't think I was any faster but I did enjoy it. It's great if you want a short sharp exhilarating run!

  • Sounds like a good run! :)

    I'm going to have a go at Speed once I am back out running again! (was hoping to be out during half term, but it's now Thursday and I'm still coughing!) I also have quite short strides, so maybe it will do something for me too! :)

  • I really like it for those times when I just want a quick session - but need to make sure I don't let that appeal mean that I use it too much at the expense of doing longer runs! ;) It is fun though, and it's my gremlin-buster, as it's so short I know I can run the duration! :)

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