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W1R1 complete!

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Just home from completing my first run! Was tough to begin with and it has made me realise how unfit I am but feeling very proud that I completed the whole run without stopping. I kept to a nice slow pace with the one minute runs which really helped. Feeling rather proud that I have one under my belt. Really feeling like I can do this now.

13 Replies
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Well done! It feels so good as you conquer each run. Keep going and congratulate yourself each time you get a little bit further :) 

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Well done, it's a truly wonderful program, you are going to love it :)  Just trust Laura.

You are doing the right thing trying to run slowly, speed can be gradually built up after you've completed C25K if you want to. During C25K you should just take it gently and complete the running durations.  It is a really well paced plan, and works really well.

Happy Running :)

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Welcome to the first day of the new you

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Well done! Getting started is the first step, and W1R1 is possibly the hardest run of them all. You SHOULD be proud of completing the whole run. Nice and slow is the way to go! Keep us posted on your progress and good luck.

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well done you. keep it up. x

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Great stuff ! Well done you !

Keep going xxx

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...and you CAN do it.. you are on the way!

You have started... and the journey is amazing... carry on and enjoy the ride!!! :)

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You are a star, yes feel proud! Enjoy the journey......

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Well done! You're over the first hurdle. Pat on the back time! 

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I was surprised how hard it was but the great thing about this programme if you stick with it is you will definitely manage 30 min by the end. How cool is that?!

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Well done you! Keep up the good work. I'm on week 2 and finding it easier than the first. 

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