Graduated - Phew!! Thank you Hannah :-x

Graduated  - Phew!! Thank you Hannah :-x

Well, who would believe it? The old bird did it!

When I started C25K I never believed I would get to the end of it. I'm 64 and not the fittest of people. I've played a bit of social tennis but run? Never, I said. Can't see the point! Well, I've just eaten my words. I was all set to do what had become my usual 4k to finish off the programme but I was running with my daughter hannah141 who graduated last month. "How do you feel about carrying on to do 5?" she said. So I did and it felt amazing!

Although I haven't posted on the forum before, other than a comment for Hannah, I often see the messages from the Community and have often been spurred on by them so thank you everyone but especially, thank you Hannah!!

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  • Congratulations, that first 5k is very special indeed, particularly so in your case as you were running with your daughter :)

  • Brilliant! Well done and what a lovely photo! You look so pleased!

    Great to run with your daughter. You need your graduate badge now!

  • Massive congratulations to you! You absolutely look like a seasoned runner too - particularly with the beaming graduate smile! Don't forget to request your graduate badge!

  • Fantastic Laura... congratulations on graduating. You deserve a badge so dont forget to ask for it..😊

    What a lovely picture too.. you look so chuffed. Rightly so. x

  • Congratulations! And fab picture! You are inspiring us all along the way!

  • Thank you for all the lovely replies. Having had a day's rest, I went out again tonight, on my own, just to prove it wasn't a fluke - and it wasn't. I even knocked nearly 2 minutes off the time! I'm not sure how to request a graduation badge. Can some one point me in the right direction please?

  • I've only just recovered, major DOMS yesterday! Hip OK? x

  • Surprisingly, yes! Nowhere near as uncomfortable as Tuesday. Though the midge bite I picked up on the Tuesday run is killing!

  • Well done Laura. You look amazing. Keep going 😊

  • Yiiipppeeeee

    Well done Madre! Keep plugging away and before you know it, you'll be getting PBs up Lowdham Lane hill! Next stop - Park Run!? As if we can both run now!

  • Many Congratulations to you both , what a fantastic achievement !

    You look amazing ! Very happy and healthy, and that's what its all about :-)

    Here's to many more fantastic running adventures for you both xxx

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