Back in the gym :)

Back in the gym :)

Well I was literally climbing the walls this morning thinking what can I do ... my chest was feeling a bit better and I felt the urge to run. I decided to look at joining the gym for a month and even if I wasn't able to use the treadmill I could perhaps use the bikes or something else. Found one not too far away and reasonably cheap compared to some of the others, and no direct debit needed. As I am only here for another month before flying back to Egypt I don't want a commitment. So off I went, on arrival I knew that it was everything I hate about most gyms: big, noisy, non-smiley, funky, shiny, trendy!! Means to an end however, I endured a tour with a very nice girl who had a ridiculous amount of piercings and was using lots of fitness vocab that I didn't understand. Finally I joined and got on a treadmill, trying to hide in the corner of a bright open space is quite difficult. Anyway, the result was, apart from a slight machine malfunction, I completed Week 9 Run 2!!! So I reckon as long as I am careful, ensure my rest days, don't go mad, I can still do this, albeit not outside. It's looking like surgery will be next Friday, all being well I am going to finish this bloody programme on Sunday! Keep meaning to post pic of my new shoes. Not as exciting or girly as I wanted, but they do the job ...

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  • Congratulations - graduation is just around the corner. Go you!

  • I'm so glad you've found a way back into it! Good luck and great work doing it in a gym (those shiny, trendy fitness machines/people/words are terrifying!)! Your dedication the whole way through the programme has been awesome :)

  • Yeah; so glad you've got back into it; will keep an eye open for your graduation post 👌

  • Well done Cairokitten - you're going to do this against all the odds!

    Worth thinking about a treadmill for Eygpt?

  • Yeah I would but my new flat is going to be tiny - 35 square metres. With a 50 square metre rooftop and a private pool so I can't complain :) however not practical inside for a treadmill. However the local gym is just a 10 minute walk away and its a very small, not-shiny, not-trendy place. I guess I can run around the rooftop too ...

  • Hmmm - certainly doesn't sound like you'll be running in your front room again!

  • Well done for finding a way to complete this and be a runner. Good idea to join gym back in Egypt. You are all set to graduate and keep running now. I am one run off graduation so we will probably end up over the finishing line together. Look forward to seeing you the other side of the finishing tape!☺

  • Oh and I rather like your new shoes. I love it when lime green can look subtle and sophisticated!☺

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