Back in the embrace of my lover!

My poor treadmill has been gathering dust for in the corner. I have only been on it once in the last month or so as I have being exploring the local area more and more.

I know a few people who have bought one, much like gym memberships and then not bothered using them after a while so they sit in the corner, unloved and unwanted until they finally get sold. I don't want that to happen, I need to get my indoor motivation back so that when the blizzards arrive I am snug and cosy.

Today I got up and decided to run indoors even though the weather has been beautiful and sunny, the birds are singing tweet tweet.

"Hello Simmy, I've missed you!" she smiled at me and I remembered the love and affection I once had for her. Hopefully we could rekindle our passion?

Ok exercise time. Set pace and incline, activate integrated Gremlin Shield (TM) let's go..hmm this is a bit boring, where are the dodgy pavements to trip over and the empty bottles to avoid? hmm...put some music on...ah that's better...

I tried one of the numerous programs as I've only ever used the quick start button, so I set the distance to 4 miles thinking that I could have a 5 minute warm up, run the 5k or so and then have a 5 minute cooldown.

Ran for a while, I could hear a distant wailing and gnashing of teeth as the gremlins struggled to penetrate the Gremlin Shield (TM) but failed miserably.

Ran for a bit more, and then heard 5 beeps and then the treadmill stopped at the end of the distance. I thought it would slow down and give me a cooldown walk but it doesn't seem to do that. Maybe I can set alter the settings although I'm comparing it to the gym machines costing thousands.

Not used to stopping straight away I started up again and did a walk for a few minutes and then put the speed up more and the incline at 4 and ran a bit more. The gremlins started breaching the shield after about ten minutes and so I slowed down and then stopped.

Ahh treadmill I had forgotten how enjoyable you could be. But there's something missing. Maybe I could hire someone with an angry dog to bark at me and someone else to shower me with a watering can whilst I run?

I hear outdoors calling me again, promising new sights and aching knees. I might play hard to get though... :-)


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  • I would prefer running in a blizzard! On the other hand I can see the appeal of running on a treadmill while watching something interesting. Well done you for planning ahead!

  • Thanks. It was a bit boring to be truthful. I was looking out of my front window at the roads and people passing by. I'm not yet at the stage of running when I'll go out in any weather though. And it's nice to stop the run and go into the kitchen for some breakfast!

  • The great outdoors... nothing like it...wind, rain, hail, snow, ice, I love it...:) Seriously!

    But.. amd enjoying my cross trainer, ( gift to myself) for rest day, core strength exercises, stamina building and elevations... ( hills) :)

    I have had to set up a small tv, so I can watch virtual, outdoor runs though..( you tube).I have been on a coastal path, somewhere in Australia today :)

    Well done youx

  • Good idea, Floss! Might copy you on that one (if my cross-trainer hasn't rusted away from lack of use)๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  • I am in the first flush of 'newness'.but..I have really noticed a change in the strength of my thighs...would not ever forego outside though ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • ....erm Simmy old there a very high razor-wire-topped wall around your part of the world? Just askin' old pal... ;)

  • Ermmm...? Why, oh ancient one? (*gulp*) haven't I been nice to you recently? Just joking about the government connections, oh and you are very good looking!

  • LOL! ONCE AGAIN - I am NOT a government assassin! (however if you know of any lucrative work in the public sector... ;) )

  • Back on the treadmill today. I thought I would try going for distance and see how far I could go. Covered the clock, walked for 5 mins and started at a steady 5.2 mph thinking I could go further at a slower speed.

    I thought that it would be easier than running outside because I wouldn't have to slow down or stop to cross roads. I had done about 7k in 39 mins a week or so ago on the roads.

    Music on, ran for a while then it started getting hard and the voices in my head (not the ones that urge me to kill, the running ones) said go on look at the clock and I was disappointed that I had only run for 32 mins and just under 5k.

    Carried on until the clock said 52 minutes then decided to walk for the last 8 minutes to bring it to just over an hour of exercise. Total of 4.88 miles, about 7k+

    Isn't it supposed to get easier the more we do? The 5k wasn't easy at all.

    Maybe I'm running a bit faster outside? Next treadmill run I shall speed up and see how it goes...

  • Hmm its one of life's great mysteries Simmy isn't it ?

    You would think that the more you do , the easier it would get, but it doesn't always work that way, Ive found .

    Ive had some great runs, some good runs, some not so good runs, some runs where I have wanted to throw all my running gear in the skip and myself in after it , just one of those things I reckon .

    7k is really good, whether in 39 minutes or 52 minutes, its still 7k that you wouldn't have done if you were sat on the couch, eating a nice piece of Battenburg watching " Loose Women "

    That's the way I look at it anyway :-) xxx

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