The Chump is back

Well you didn't really think you were going to get rid of me that easily did you? I know what you are going to say, its been over a month, you haven't written, sent flowers, not even a phone call.

So anyway I haven't given up completely, I have been doing my weekly Park Shuffle! Yesterday was my 38th and it was my slowest ever. What an outstanding effort, 38 pain staking Saturday mornings and I have achieved didilly squat. In fact yesterday was virtually 6 minutes slower than my visitor run at Southsea a few weeks back.

So anyway I spent most of yesterday giving myself a damn good talking to and am now ready to get back at it. I have just re-read all your replies to my crash and burn post after w5r3 and you are all amazing, what an incredible group. So many comments of support and inspiration.

So the big question is where do I jump back in? not Week 1 and obviously not Week 5. What I think I am going to do is get on the treadmill while the Grand Prix is on and just walk 90secs run 90secs for as long as I can and maybe that will tell me.

Lastly thank you, thank you all so much. I hope you are all well and achieving your goals.


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18 Replies

  • Welcome home Chump , good to see you back :-)

    Why not split the difference and go for Week 3 ?

    You are not going to give up this time , uh-uh no way, Jose !

    Onwards Chump and dont spare the horses ! :-) xxx

  • How did I know you would be the first to respond? Thank you for this and all your other posts. x

  • Ha ha , I am keeping my eye on you, Chump ! :-D

    I am so glad you have returned to the fold, you seem so hard on yourself , and I really think you should cut yourself some slack. You are so supportive of others, but not yourself . You are soo worth it, you really are xxx

  • i'll be different and say week 4 :D . that is where I started back after a lengthy spell on the ic .... am now back to week 9 from Tuesday ..

    Don't be so hard on yourself , 38 parkruns is some achievement another 12 and you get a t shirt to belong to an ever growing group of achievers ...

    When you re start you know what to expect and hopeful the pitfalls , so go out and rock it and more importantly enjoy it :D

  • Welcome back CC!

  • Thanks, your response to my last post is one of the reasons I am back here.

  • That's a lovely thing to say, thank you.

  • You do give very supportive replies, I've read a few and you probably don't realise the power of some friendly positive from a newbie who reads lots of posts thank you

  • <blushes>.

  • Well thank you kindly, but isn't that what this site is all about. I have struggled with my weight & fitness for probably 20 years and achieved nothing up to now. Since joining this site I have found a family of incredible people that all have the same goal. Don't get me wrong, I am still finding the really hard and all but gave up a month ago, but because of comments like yours and those that support me, I am back and I will crack this.

    The least I can do in return is try and help others and if my ramblings help then that is fantastic.

    Good luck

  • You ran Parkrun yesterday so I would say forget the podcast for just once and try running for 10 minutes and see how you feel and if you feel ok then keep going. That way you're not under pressure to complete a "Laura's run". Then for the next run you know which week to start on.

  • Well, look who's back :D Welcome back to the madhouse! 38 park runs is just excellent - and given the temperatures at the moment I'd be proud just for getting there and completing the run!

    Go for a run just for the fun of it - I agree with Irish Princess. Then give week 3 run 3, and see how it goes? Don't underestimate your ability to get going again - it may have been your "slowest ever", but you finished it, so onwards and forwards, CC!

  • You are all fabulous and thank you so much.

    The problem I have with this program is I know without a shadow of a doubt I can not run for 20 mins, no matter how slowly I run the effort of actually running,/jogging (rather than a fast walk) exhausts me in every way. The longest I have run at any park run is 12 mins 34 seconds so why would I think with just a few extra runs in between it will be any different.

    As much as we all know this is a wonderful environment to support each other and get the encouragement we need I am not sure this program works for me. As I said the day I failed w5r3 to think someone can go from an 8 minute run to a 20 min run in one go is frankly ridiculous.

    Maybe what I do is w3, w4 fail w5 revert to w3 followed by w4 fail w5 and so on until maybe in 2 or 3 months I conquer week 5. I have been doing park runs for 18 months and not managed it, so running for 20 minutes non stop is not going to happen over night. I am 50 at the end of October I very much doubt I will have managed week 5 even by then but maybe that should be my goal.

    One thing is for sure, no matter how long it takes I will do this and that is down to you. So thank you

  • right...just seen this... Since my marathon my park runs have been the slowest ever, my runs have been shorter...BUT what I have been doing is finding the love again...and thats what you need to do. Running is running...its hard, its sweaty, it hurts, BUT you feel ALIVE, you are doing something amazing, AND you are taking on a new adventure every time you go out... THATS what its all about... please just enjoy and its so good you are back :)

  • Hello Chump, I know you feel this is impossible but it's not, it's probably become one of those mind gremlin things. Forget C25K. I seem to remember you could run for 2k before you started walk/running. Next time you are out, target running one extra minute beyond that 2k before you walk. Once you've cracked that, add another minute. And I know I have said this before, your walk/run beat my mostly run at that Southsea Parkrun you visited - nothing wrong with walk/run at all. Good luck.

  • Welcome back :)

    We've all looked at some of the progressive steps on the programme and thought "really???" But it does work. Take it slow and steady and remember the only pressure is the one you are putting on yourself!!!!

    You can do this :) Enjoy where you are at and the progress will surely come.

  • Great to see you back Chump!

    I second Coddfish... nothing wrong with run/walk. You could check out Jeff Galloway plans, and then find your ideal interval.

    I did a whole Half Marathon by running 2 minutes and walking 1 minute, and I don't consider myself less of a runner for that :)

    And you are right, make your BEST birthday day the goal day for Week9Run3 - and also plan something big for next year -( I celebrated by going trekking and volunteering in the Himalayas, just find your thing, 50 is great!)

  • Oy, CC, I'm getting worried about you. Where've you disappeared to?

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