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C25k on a treadmill in the gym- question


Tomorrow is W1R2. I am doing this at the gym on the treadmill. Should I have the treadmill on an incline or keep it flat?

Also does my speed matter? Is there a set walking and running speed I should be aiming for?

I have not listened to the podcast yet as I am waiting for my iPod arm holder thingy. For this week I just looked up how much walking and running I need to do this week.

Well done to everyone who is running and making progress- I think you are all FABULOUS!!!


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I don't run on a treadmill so can't really help but well done for starting the C25K programme and good luck with your runs. Keep us informed on your progress :-)


I've been training on a treadmill - about to face W4R2 tomorrow.

I've been leaving the treadmill flat but I remember reading a post on here about using an incline of 1% to help with transferring to running outside.

For speeds everyone is going to be different. The Podcast says the brisk walk should be enough to get your heart rate up but leave you able to hold a conversation so perhaps quick start the treadmill and then manually increase the speed until you feel that you're walking briskly. For the running, my pace changes by the run. Again it's just a light jog that you're aiming for (quoting the podcast again) so it'll very much depend on you.

Best of luck with W1R2!


I have done the entire C25K on the treadmill I do a warm up at between 6 -6.5 k and the jog at between 8-10 k I tend to do all the walks on an incline of between 1 -5 percent but the run on flat to 2 present my advise would be to find what your comfortable at and good luck well done for taking the plunge I will look out for your posts :)


Doing a speed that feels comfortable to you is the most important thing.

If you go too fast, you may burn yourself out, may not enjoy the experience and may give up never to return.

Please do it as well as you can.

On a separate topic, does your gym have technogym equipment?

I go to The Peak at Stirling and we do have that.

There is a website called that then allows me to manage my own program. What that does is it allows me to input complex running / walking routines and the treadmill automatically increases / decreases speed when I am doing my walk/run.

Incline - I keep mine at 0.

Keep going!


I did most of the C25K on the treadmill. I used a setting of 2 for the incline, walked at 3.8mph and ran at 6mph. By week 9 I had increased my speed to 7mph and managed 5k but everyone is different and the aim is to be able to run for 30 minutes. As others say find what is comfortable for you if you find it easy then you can increase speed but if you find it difficult reduce it. Same with incline really. I found that it was tougher running outside but love it now.

I still use my treadmill when I am short of time and want to get some intervals in after work.

Good luck


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