Running outside?? What will you do in the winter??

I currently use a route near my house which is out in lovely countryside. It's great as it really quiet and pretty. Problem is in a month or so when the nights are drawing in I will not be able to use that route after work. I don't really want to join a gym as I have done that before and I know my motivation to go after work will be poor. Therefore I am considering buying a treadmill to run at home. Does anyone else do this and any recommendations on the model??


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16 Replies

  • I read another post the other day that someone was using a treadmill and they actually preferred it to some degree but for me, I can't see me getting one or going to the gym when the darker nights come...

    I usually run with a friend so I'm rarely alone anyway but I think I'm going to adjust my running time somehow to 'cope' with the dark but it's the cold I'm concerned about as I hate it at the best of times! If it gets really bad I can see me going down to one run a week! :(

    So I guess the only things I can suggest to you is maybe run before work if you can (if you motivation is better then than after work?) and/or change your route? Failing that, your own treadmill could be the only answer!

  • I'm a morning runner, as I prefer to get my run in early. If I left it until later in the day I probably wouldn't do it.

    The benefit of running first thing, especially in the winter, is that you get straight out of bed into your running gear whilst you are still warm and go for your run, which will keep you warm, but if you do feel cold you will invariably run a bit faster to either get warm or get back home into the warm! The thought of getting up and walking the dog/going shopping and realising how cold it is, then coming back home to change and go for a run is really off putting for me!

  • I also run in the countryside in the evenings but plan to run on main roads in the winter. Have alot to do before that tho, as it will be so much more public than I am used to. I am doing week 6 so should be managing continual long runs but I need to work on hills, where i go is really quite flat but all roads to my house are up hill!!

    I tried this programme months ago and got a treadmill in the house managed about 3 runs I think and the treadmill made a good clothes horse. I appreciate that some people really love treadmills but it wasnt for me so it was lucky that I have only hired it. If I were you if you do want to try the treadmill, hire one first and if you decide to buy the company I hired off took some of the hire cost off the purchase price if you want to keep it. I found the company on ebay and just searched treadmill hire, the service was fantastic.

  • Thank you, Justmee, this is a brilliant idea and I will check it out.

  • I hadn't thought that far ahead but just checked out this page - "dress like an onion" made me laugh!

  • I love that!

    I've already started to pick up warmer running gear, hoodies and such so I won't have an excuse when the mornings start getting nippy.

  • I am considering putting an advert in my local paper shop that I am prepared to take someone's dog out for exercise and use that as 'protection' during the dark nights.

  • If you would like a dog to walk register with The Cinnamon Trust and help someone out at the same time :o)

  • Running club nights won't be a problem - I believe they stick to the roads in the winter and I will be in a group anyway (probably somewhere near the back!). My longer run at the weekends will be in the morning - I expect to cope with the cold ok, I find running in the heat quite a struggle sometimes. I bought some Karrimor running gloves for icy spring mornings so I'll get them out in winter and probably a long sleeved running top to wear over a running t-shirt and under a lightweight jacket - if I get too warm the long sleeved top should be easier to tie around my waist than the jacket would. And a woolly hat for when it is really cold !

  • I have just bought a treadmill - Carl Lewis - which I intend to use in the winter. Currently not using it but will have to get used to it when the bad weather, dark nights, icy roads start again.

  • I started the C25K back in April time and it was pretty chilly in the mornings when I went out back then. Cold to the point that my fingers would hurt whilst doing my 5 min warm up (i still wore a t-shirt though) but seriously, once the warm up had finished, I was 'warmed up' and the run was comfortable.

    The cold climate really does help - so much better than the muggy heat we've got now.

    A colleague I work with enjoys running *in the snow* and as much as that sounds ridiculous, I'd love to give it a go although ice on the road doesn't appeal to me in the slightest.

  • Totally agree, I started running in January and it was initially really cold,and I had numb fingers, but good gloves stopped that problem. Then we all found ourselves perpetually running in rain, so much so that when it eventually stopped I missed it. Would much rather run in the cold, it has been so muggy lately.

  • oh how I wish the rain would return! I loved it! Never thought I'd say this but roll on autumn/winter!

  • Having the same worry, about the darker, colder days, but I hope that by then I'll be able to join a running club as I'm going nowhere with trying to convince my other half to come with me!

  • I am an avid EARLY morning 4:30 am. Needless to say, it is always dark when I run. For winter, I have bought winter running gear: gloves, long pants, underarmour long sleeved tee, toboggan, jacket. Plan to keep my schedule and hope the cold will encourage me to increase my pace :)

  • I was thinking about buying a treadmill for the winter too. I live in a city, so light won't be a problem - even the off road cycle way where I run has street lamps - but I'm worried about the prospect of slipping on frost or black ice. It's bad enough in the wet!

    If you do buy a treadmill, will you blog about it and let us know how it is?

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