Hi There! Newbie question about apps

Hi guys, I'm new, be gentle with me!

Quick question... I plan to do my first run tonight... and apologies in advance for asking a question probably already discussed before, but are you guys using an app to help? I ask because I linked to this forum from the app I installed, 'Couch to 5k', the one supported by BBC Get Inspired... However I noticed several similarly named apps on PlayStore... So I guess my question is, are you guys all using apps, and if so which ones?


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  • I use the podcasts which are downloadable from the nhs couch to 5k website, or which are available through the Podcasts app if you have an iphone. They're free either way.

    I know some people prefer to use an app so they have their own music, but I actually quite like the cheesy music on the podcasts!

  • Oh thanks RainbowC... So the podcasts tell you when to run, when to walk and all that stuff? Like the app would do?

  • Absolutely. And Laura (the coach on them) is very encouraging too :)

  • Totally agree , I am using the podcasts and they work well. Laura keeps you motivated!!

  • I used the NHS couch to 5k app; the older version, which I think is now the version you have.

    A lot on here have used the NHS podcasts and although the music apparently is awful they love the podcasts with Laura

    I think its all personal preference, whichever app/ podcast you prefer. But you don't need to pay for one there's lots that are free

    Good luck and welcome to the club X

  • I use the NHS podcasts with Laura. I did download the app but didn't use it. Not sure why to be honest

  • Well thanks Sue, but I'm pretty sure I was advised to keep away from you... :)

  • OK thanks guys, appreciate it! I'll give both a go and see what works best... And you also anticipated my next dumb question which was going to be, who is this Laura that everyone is talking about?

  • Podcasts and Apps both tell you when to walk and when to run.

    'Our' podcast has a friendly trainer called Laura, who gives plenty of tips, encouragement and generally is very loveable. The music is (ahem) an acquired taste. Some you'll really hate, and some you'll just hate. But it is carefully chosen for tempo, pace and inspiration. You should be able to tolerate it for 9 weeks, and it changes each week to keep you interested. One other advantage, all the music and voice cues are well balanced for volume, so you always hear Laura.

    The various apps all have the spoken cues, but the main advantage is to allow you o play your own music. Whilst this sounds great, you'll not achieve the same upbeat/slower tempos for running and walking sections, and you may end up with the same playlist each week, and get bored. Or think "last week I reached this lamp-post just as the track started and today I am not quite there". Some frequent complaints about the apps are:

    "The volume is a bit quiet and I did not hear when I was supposed to run (or walk)".

    "The timing on the app is wrong. I was supposed to run for 3 minutes, but I ran for 5 minutes"

    "The app froze when I was running"

    "How do I unlock week XXX in the app??"

  • Cheers MarkyD, I just downloaded the week1 podcast, so I'll give that a go tonight! And I've just sampled the music, I see what you mean...

  • Yeah, but when you finish your first C25k session and the song says 'this is the greatest day' you do get a certain smug glow about the fact it's the day you've made a start.

    And week 3, when you do a longer run than you've had to do previously and are feeling all nervous about it, to the accompaniment of 'can't do this long-distance thing'...!

    Or is that just me? :D


  • Sorry :(

  • Sorry I should have added an emoticon to show I was just kidding I guess... Modern life is rubbish... And emoticon isn't even a word...

  • 'S ok - I hoped you were! :)

  • ## 'So wheezy, not so wheezy now...' ##

  • I think that's the app I started with, you get to choose your celebrity trainer. I chose Sarah Millican but quickly abandoned the app as you have to run in silence. Through this forum I discovered the NHS podcasts and the lovely Laura. You get music while you run and she is very encouraging seems to know just when you need it too.


    I have also tried another app I purchased so I could listen to music from my own selection but it was a disaster as it didn't work properly.

    Good luck with your first run!

  • Thanks OldPossum! Yes, that's the app I have, but based on the advice of you and the others I'll give Laura a go... It just started lashing outside, but I can't chicken out now as I've told you guys I start tonight!

  • Good girl X

    This site always used to spur me on as I knew I'd have to post if I'd done my run and there was no way I was going to not do it!

  • OK I was about to declare I was a bloke and realized just in time you meant Laura!

    I've just told my wife so there's REALLY no getting out of it now...

  • Just be kind to yourself and take it really slow. Will be watching to see how you get on. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • You have to use the podcast it's a right of passage. I used the app for 1 run, it was useless.

  • I did. Laura rocks!

  • Congrats on the best decision you'll ever make! Go slow, stretch and take your rest days and you'll be a runner before you know it! Also welcome to the best, most encouraging and inspirational forum on the internet!

    I would say definitely try with the NHS podcasts (although I think I'm the only person in the world who quite liked the music). I always found Laura's encouragement was well timed just when I felt like I was struggling! You'll also be able to be in on all the posts and comments on the forum related to the in jokes on the songs. You'll have to get through the programme just to meet Julie in the last 2 weeks! :)

  • Cheers!

  • Welcome aboard Listy !

    You've made one of the best decisions you will ever make, taking this programme up.

    Have you been yet ? :-) xxx

  • Thanks! Yup, just finished my stretches. Will post about how it went when I get my breath back!

  • Ha ha , Great stuff !

    Well done Listy ! :-) xxx

  • Cheers!

  • I use a C25K App by Zenlabs to display the time / splits, but I listen to the PodCasts at the same time

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