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I beat those gremlins!

I'd not been out running since last Wednesday's rather chaotic attempt at W5r3. So I decided tonight was going to be the night. Left Daft Dog at home (with the promise of a long walk later), and went out feeling that it was very unlikely I'd manage this, having only managed one run per week for the past couple of weeks.

I decided to just take it five minutes at a time, and see what happened. The first eight were tough - uncomfortable and three of them uphill - but after that the road levelled off and I found it all felt fine. At fifteen minutes I was getting tired, but sheer stubbornness kicked in and kept me going - turns out I'm even more stubborn than the gremlins! :D

Twenty minutes. Done! Seriously felt as good as graduating! :) Roll on the next few weeks now. I can do this. I WILL do this.

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Amazing, well done! That run's a real hurdle and you've done it!!

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I like your spirit. Well done. It really is mind over matter sometimes. 😀


Oh well done you, I'm going to repeat 5-2 tonight and then attempt that the weekend ! It's so reassuring hearing of people achieving it - seems impossible to me right now!


My wk5r3 (heading into w9 now) felt like that! I'm proud of myself (of anyone, really) for getting this far but I really don't think graduation will beat that moment of knowing I can run for 20 mins without stopping... And, yes, you will do this!


Congratulations! Isn't it an amazing feeling. This run had me with anxiety levels through the roof and it took me three attempts. I felt like I'd won the pools when I finally cracked it. Enjoy the feeling. Now you KNOW you can do it :)


Oh, and I forgot to say that according to Runkeeper this was my 42nd fastest 1-3 mile run (out of around 240!). No wonder it felt hard! I kept telling myself to slow down, but really didn't feel as though I was going particularly quickly anyway most of the time.

The knee is a bit tender today, but I think that's to do with the couple of miles of dog-walk which happened yesterday evening after the run. That's what I'm telling myself, anyway! ;)


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