So glad to be back (I hope)

Hello all. I have been out of action as regards running for almost 3 weeks. I had an ankle niggle which turned very painful to run on. I tried to keep going when I really should have rested! I have leant my lesson big time. Anyway everything felt a lot better today so I tried a very gentle 15 minute run and all seems ok. I am surprised how much I have missed it. I had got up to w8 r1 so very frustrating xx

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  • I know the feeling, I haven't been able to run for 2 weeks now, I got tendonitis in my knee and I don't know when I will be running again.

  • Hope it settles down for you and then you can get back out there xx

  • Welcome back Sam; hope you stay Injury free from now on; you must have been gutted to have got so far X

  • I was I've been really grumpy when I haven't been able to go out. Well done on your graduation xx

  • Fingers crossed the ankle is properly healed now. Battling on is a mistake a lot of have made and time on the IC is really frustrating. Good luck with the rest of the programme.

  • Thanks x

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