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Couch to 5K
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So glad

I'm so glad 9 weeks ago I decided to start doing this plan.

I had lots of excuses not to :-

I'm too heavy (8stone over weight)

I'm too unfit (haven't done exercise in years)

I'm too embarrassed ( who wants to see an elephant jogging)

To name but a few, but I put those excuses to one side and bit the bullet, decided that the time had come to stop making excuses and to do something about it.

All I wanted to get out of the plan was to be able to run for 30 minutes and be a bit healthier, perhaps lose some weight. Well I did that but I got sooo much more out of it!

I read early on about people saying running changed their lives, and I'll be honest I thought yeah right ok. But now I understand what they meant.

On completion I have lost weight which is great, I can run for 30 minutes which is awesome, and I am also much healthier. But it's the way it makes you feel, the emotion you feel when you complete each of the runs, each achievement along the way left me feeling more and more elated and more confident and happy in general in my life.

So to anyone out there wondering should I do it, I say YES DO IT!!! And to anyone already started wondering if you'll be able to complete it, I say If I can do it you can!!!

It really has been one of the best things I have ever done! I can't wait to continue my running and see just how far I can run :-) Thanks Laura, thanks c25k and thanks to everyone on this forum for your help and support you are amazing!

Wishing everyone out there EPIC runs 😀

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Well done.

I had all the same excuses plus I'm 60 in two weeks time so I thought, I'll never do it, I'm too old to start.

Anyway, I'm midway through, it's tough, but you've spurred me on! and I am enjoying it.

Thanks x


Excellent, your doing great :-) I know I wondered if I'd complete it but the plan really does work, and gives you so much more than you expect :-)

Keep us posted on your progress and enjoy :-)


I graduated just after my 60th. I'm not aiming to run any marathons but just enjoying the better body shape and increased fitness. Good luck to you too and enjoy your birthday. What's a number?


A number's just a number xx TY


Well Done!

Great to see that you made it and even better that you are starting to feel the benefits! I say "starting" because it really does carry on getting better. As your body gets used to it and you are able to run for longer you'll find yourself losing more weight and feeling fitter than ever.

It sounds like you've got the bug now anyway, so keep it up and before you know it you'll be writing about your first 5k, or hour non-stop, or 10k, or who knows what!

Many more epic runs to you too!


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Thanks so much Ugi, yeah its a 5K park run first, then maybe a 10k early next year and looking even further forward I would love to do a HM. Will have to work on my speed first though lol otherwise I'll be finishing the HM the day after the race.


Wow, well done ! You are absolutely right, there are many benefits of C25K and not all of them physical. Wishing you very many more happy and achievement packed runs.

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Thanks henpen, I'm looking forward to the future runs already :-)


Well done Lainey. It's great that you pitched up here and started running towards a healthier lifestyle. It's good int it!

As you keep running you lose more weight, providing you eat healthily of course, and that makes you even more springy and light on your feet. I lost a lot of weight, and now if I put even a slight bit back on, I can feel it when I go out running so then I have to rein myself in food wise.

Happy running and good luck with your weight loss x

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Thanks misswobble, it is very good :-)

lol sounds like you need to change your name to missnowobble lol.

I eat a generally healthy diet my main problem is portion control, ham salad is good 2 or 3 plates of ham salad still gonna add up calorie wise lol my main thing to remember is to make sure I have enough calcium, I saw a dietician at hospital and she asked me to right down everything I ate for a week, and the portion control (no surprise there) and too little calcium were my main problems.

I've recently joined slimming world online as well, at the same time I start c25K and doing the c25k plan I have earnt my bronze body magic award and my silver body magic award. And lost 1/2 stone so I'm real pleased with that :-) by next summer I might even be slim and confident enough to wear shorts........maybe lol. :-)

Happy running!!!!


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