Back Pain

I've finished my C25K now and have been running 1-3mile a session

I'm finding on my longer runs that the next day I am experiencing back pain

It isnt preventing me from doing anything, and i wouldn't say its a serious pain, but it really does ache!

Does anyone else experience this, is back pain a common thing with runners? And is there anything I can do to prevent the pain?

thanks in advanced :)


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26 Replies

  • First thing I look at when I have new pains is how old my shoes are. I start to notice little she's looking aches in my knees and hips when they are starting to lose their oomph.

  • It's definitely not my shoes as there only about 10 weeks old. First thing I did when I began running was have my gait measured.

    I think its a posture thing that I'm wondering if pilates or some post running stretches may help iron out?

  • Stretched are never bad. Could definitely also be your posture. Also are you carrying anything in your hands or clenching your arms in any way? That tends to make my shoulder hurt, but it's possible it's affecting your back too.

  • no i dont take anything with me, and i do try to move my arms in line with running ( i was told this helps you to run lol!)

    Are there any good post running stretches for your back?

  • There are couple of great stretches. Do you stretch your legs after run? I recommend those ones for legs:

    Do you have pain in lower or upper back? I sometimes have lower back pain (as I have a little bigger lordosis in this area than it should be naturally). I find below stretches helpful. You can also add some yoga / pilates / core atability exercises on your rest days ;)

    For the back:

    - child pose from yoga

    - my miracle stretch: pose similar to sitted harmsteing stretch, sit with your legs in front, bend the knees, grab your wrista behind the ankles, press your chest to the thighs and chin above/behind knees, start slowly straightening the knees. Concentrate on pushing your chest to the legs. You don't have to straighten your knees fully, just a little ;)

    - yoga happy baby pose (ananda balasana)

    - slow cat-cow movement

    - reverse child pose with rolling - lay on the back, bring​ your bend knees to you, hug" your legs, and roll forward and backward, and side to side, massaging slightly your back.

  • Yea always stretch after .

    It's like

    Central to upper back defo not lower

    I'll look at those thanks :)

  • The only thing that comes to my mind when you say about central/upper back pain, is your head and shoulders. Remember to look straight ahead not under your feet, to keep your head nice up and not round your back. During runs remember to relax your shoulders, maybe make your hand movement a little smaller. You can try to keep your shoulderblades together, or at least closer, so your muscles will help to support your back.

    And as it was said before - work on your core and upper muscles. Maybe add to your day few rounds of yoga sun salutations. OMG, I sounds like such a yoga lover :P I am not, but I find it helpful. I am not regular practitioner.

    I can recommend NOT YOGA exercises:

    This is amazing routine for any level of core strength. I plan to do it at least once a week. You can do it as often as you want, as it was designed for people after back injuries ;)

  • Decent run bra? As essential as good shoes i would say... i got back pain for a week or two before switching to a run back. Freya do a great line...

  • I had a moaning back W6, now ok (w7). Asked physio and she said I was over-using one set of gluteal muscles to compensate for weak core. And this stresses my vulnerable back. So strangely I speak to my lower back and right buttock requesting them to relax while running ! Pilates and physio have both helped this senior runner who goes very very very slow!!! Hope ur pain eases soon.

  • thank you, i have booked onto some Pilates classes so maybe this will help! Ill be sure to post if it does!

  • Well I'm on the injury couch with an irritated disc (apparently😮) but I agree that core strengthening may help, Pilates is great for your back.🙂

  • Hope you're better soon - poor back

  • Sure I will be, thank you!🙂

  • Runners need good core strength. I had the same problem soon after graduating.


  • ill o back to my plan challenge then! did do it last night after running and no pain so far....

    did you do any core exercises or just planks?

  • Which plank challenge are you following? I am curious as I wanted to start one, but most of them increase time to quickly for me - if I want to keep a proper / correct position, which is more important to me than time.

  • ok well this is an app on my phone

    on my iphone in app store i just typed 30 day plank challenge and it is the red one and its the 6th one down it goes up gradually :)

  • speaking of apps im going to download a stretch one now for this back woe of mine!

  • Is it starting from 30 sec and goes to 5 min?

  • No its 20 seconds to 03:43mins

  • I think Pilates will help strengthen your core which will help. Do try to relax your shoulders when running.

    Good luck with Pilates x

  • Thanks for the posts

    I was doing plank challenge - I'll continue to do so after every run and add some Pilates to my week :)

  • As well as Pilates do some work on strengthening your core.

    Almost everyone could do with strengthening their core. It is the thing that holds us together so neglect at your peril.

    hanging leg raise and its many variants would be my go to core exercise

  • I started C25K a few months ago but had to stop due to hip and back pain. I went to see a chiropractor for the first time ever. Turns out I was all out of kilter with one leg shorter than the other as a result. After 4 weeks of adjustments 3x per week, I'm good as new and now on Week 4 of running. Can't say enough good things about chiro care!

  • Every runner experiences back pains. Once after 5k run I had a severe back pain for a few days. Pain relief pills didn't help. I decided to go to the local physiotherapist, found him on here in New Zealand . In a few sessions the pain was gone.

  • oo when I move to NZ ill be sure to look at that :)

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