The elusive sub 30 minute 5k

I did park run yesterday and decided to try to get under 30 minute or on it. Found where the 30 minute pace maker was, I managed to keep up with him and then I dropped my cardigan, picked it up but never caught him up. My pace seemed to then slow, I thought, oh well let's just finish, was therefore surprised when I did 31.11 so maybe next time.

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  • Wow thats still very speedy well done!! โ˜บ

  • Brilliant...very well done! :)

  • Well done you and it's not easy- what is your normal pace? You could try using the speed podcast as that will really help . Don't be disheartened though that is a good time and don't take your cardi next time!!!! :)

  • I usually do between 32 and 35 min depending on the day

  • So you've taken at least 50 seconds off... That's fantastic, don't underestimate how hard it is!!! I've recently shaved off 20 seconds on my PB and I was over the moon!!!

  • The last park run was 31.24 so 13, but my general pace is 32 to 35. I have signed up for Brighton half marathon in feb and a 10k in Nov. So will need your top tips Ju-ju.๐Ÿ˜

  • Try doing 1klm repeats at parkrun over the month before your next pacer day- say 4x1Klm at a pace faster than the 30 minutes finish - so, say 5:50 mins per k . Take a 1 minute walk or jog in between each repeat.

  • Will give it ago

  • You were not far off! Still a PB though x

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