That elusive 30 min 5k!!

I have never managed an under 30 minute 5k yet but my 10k last night was just under an hr? 33 minutes was the 5k. Does anybody else feel like their legs don't warm up until at least 40 minutes of running? My breathing also settles around the same time. I guess I am not built for smaller distances but frustrating all the same! Happy running all! :)


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  • I think that's really good, the advice for 10k is to run the second half faster than the first and you've done that. Wish I could!

    There's some stuff in here about endurance runners rather than speed which it sounds like you may be. Congratulations on a sub 27 5k! (Which by my calculations you did in the second half - it still counts)

  • Thanks I shall read that! I suppose it does but why I can't do it in a parkrun just mystifies me! I bet you can do it. That magical moment when it all clicks and your breathing is as easy to have a conversation or sing a song.. that's when you sprint! God knows why this doesn't happen earlier, but still very happy when it does! Good luck!! and congratulations on your fab race over the weekend!

  • Thanks :-) Maybe you could have an easy pace run to the parkrun and see if that helps, you can do it that's for sure you've already proved that.

  • Hi Carole01 so if your first 5k was 33 mins doesn't that mean your 2nd 5k was less than 27 mins? That's a fantastic time. I think maybe speed intervals may help you increase your pace as you obviously have the endurance down.

  • Thanks I must give it a try! I am a long plodder and takes me a while to get going. I was surprised very last night but I knew it felt easy to sprint back - a good run night. Hope it was not a fluke! Will run again tomorrow and see! Thanks for the advice :)

  • My PB for 5K is 33 minutes - and I don't think I would ever get it down to 30 minutes :) 3 minutes doesn't sound much - but if you are anything like me, I was running 5K in around 40 minutes when I graduated C25K. I have read that a time for the 10K is 2.1 times your best time for the 5K -- don't know if it works the other way though.

  • My Pb is just under 31 and was running at 36 when I graduated. I can only explain it that it is around that time (30-40 mins) that is all becomes easy and I sprint. I can't do that if the first half - it messes with with my breathing etc. Also bear in mind my route is flat and soft. That is always going to make it easier. You are doing fantastic Bazza!! I hope I continue to run for many year to come.

  • Great time on the 10K - wow!

    I'll let you know in 11 days time... PB for 5K is 29:19, never beaten it and average 33-34 at the moment (must have been the Parkrun buzz) and I'm aiming for a 1:05 ish 10K ... if I beat an hour I don't think I'll stop smiling for a month but I'm keeping it realistic - my practice 10K was a 1:06... :)

    I found my times came down towards the end of my practice run so I think once you're in the "zone" it's easier to speed up towards the end (actually can't believe I'm saying that but it was true!)... :)

  • It is very true!! That zone thing works a treat! Good luck. I hope your route is flat. Always makes for faster times!! Isn't great though to talking about our runs when I couldn't run for a bus 8 months ago! Let us know how you get on! :)

  • True enough. Hard to believe I am even thinking about (let alone doing) a 10K... it's a long way! It's on a gloriously flat tow path the whole way! Let's hope it's not too hot though (fortunately it's a 9:30 start so not too bad!)...

    I managed some negative splits on my practice run so there's gas in the tank..

  • I've just upgraded the app I use to track to Premium with extra features (I'm yet to invest in a Garmin). One of the features shows my performance minute by minute... Although I feel in my stride and breathing settled by 5 minutes the graph shows it's nearly 15 minutes before I'm running smoothly at a consistent pace. I was amazed

  • Wow! Thats interesting! Garmins are great but I find myself jogging on the spot whilst waiting its search for satellites! lol :) Must try the app. thanks x

  • Carole01 you'll do it. Just keep plodding away at it. Your 10K time is fabulous and the stronger you get, the better your lung capacity will be which means you'll be able to increase your pace. It only has to happen in tiny increments so don't fret. It's funny how the body can run a PB, yet repeating this is almost impossible - at least that's the way it seems to me. But Parkrun was what got me my best time for 5K. I think it was the adrenaline, and the tow effect, plus the feeling that you don't want other folks passing you!!! Try it - if you haven't already.

  • Thank you for the great advice and I will see if it works - I would love to be under that 30 mins in a parkrun - still 31. I think if I continue to keep my runs shorter - less than 15k, which is what I have been doing for the Summer then maybe. Hope your runs are going well and keep on passing those nice folks - always a great incentive!

  • That is a brilliant negative split run Carole, with a sub 30minute second half!! That's the way the pros do it. It inevitably takes a while to get fully warmed up, joints lubricated and breathing settled, so your first k or so should be easy, to get everything sorted and then you can up your pace, so that the second half is actually faster than the first. I nearly always find that the 6th and 7th k, of a 10k run, are when I just relax into the zone and find it effortless. Your longer runs have obviously conditioned you to being efficient over 10k and that will filter through and become apparent on your 5ks soon, I am sure.

  • Thank you so much!! and spoken like a true pro! My 6k to 7k is when the magic happens and I can run and run! Makes sense when it is experienced and explained by others. I hope I can make a sub 30, I hear of so many women on here that do and couldn't understand why I have sluggish starts! I guess my mentality has always been in endurance mode and since wanting speed it is going to take longer! I can wait! Thanks again.

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