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Week 7 run 3 done - now I'm trying to understand my Fitbit stats?

So after resting the ankle I have just done 3rd run of week - still slow and a bit of a struggle, went to the park for a change tonight, but found running on grass worse- don't know why? Anyway pleased to be back on track😀

So I looked at my Fitbit stats tonight as always, glad to see my pace quicker (8.52/km) for me anyway!, but I have a question about my heart rate.

Usually I do some in peak and most in cardio with bit in fatburn, but tonight I have done 25 min in peak, 6 in cardio and 5 min fatburn. Is this improving or not, anyone else use Fitbit to monitor fitness.

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Well done Radleychick, I cannot answer you about Fitbit stats because I'm haven't got any of those little gadgets.

It's good to go slow which will help your ankle so it doesn't getting any worse, you are doing great moving forward not long now only 6 runs for you.

I could never run on grass my ankles are not brilliant and tend to play up when running on grass, track are way better.

I was meant to do W7R3 today too but unfortunately I've been indisposed quite annoying to say the least and was quite unexpected, now I will have to wait until Sunday to finish off W7, I'm was hoping to have started W8 by then never mind.

We'll certainly be July Graduationers.

Wishing you all the best.

:) xx

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Thanks J - sorry to hear you didn't manage to complete but your only one run behind !

Can't believe we've nearly graduated - never thought I'd get this far!!!

Good luck Sunday - here's to our graduations!


The grass required more effort?

I have to point out to my purple friend that I did actually just go for a run thank you very much, not a walk. I don't spend much time in peak, unless I'm doing intervals but you can see where I have little sprints.


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