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ok, so i know is isnt how the couch25k works, but i just couldnt do the walking bit of the run, if i did a walk i couldnt get into my jog stride again....so, against the grain, all of last week i jogged the whole way and today i did my first 5k parkrun, took 3/4 hour and i suspect i was last, but im there and im so very chuffed, id never in a million years thought id ever do this. Our Beach Ballroom on the prom is the halfway point and boy did it look a long way off, but gradually it was there and i was turning to do the home straight, dont care that i was slow, was chuffed when a club runner said "well done" on her way back to her car. Please dont leave negative posts just because ive not done the programme, i had to do what suited me

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Great going jogger1960 - Parkruns are good fun, aren't they?

Doesn't matter if you're last- you might set a new Personal Best next time :)

jogger1960 in reply to 90ldfinch

thanks, there were loads of people there, i havent got my time yet but it was faster than i did in the week, i was worried theyd all go home before i got back haha


Well done youx

jogger1960 in reply to Oldfloss



That is absolutely fabulous, and the programme is only an aid to running for those that find it useful. I bet you are delighted with your achievement, a huge well done :)

jogger1960 in reply to ju-ju-

thank you, yes im chuffed xx


Well done and not too slow at all. I am sure you will be back next week improving on it too☺.

jogger1960 in reply to dddd4

thanks, hope to go next week


Hi jogger1960 , you should do what feels good for you and everyone starts from a different level of fitness 😊. I've been doing Parkrun since I started the programme, a mixture of slow running and walking and working my way to full (still slow) running now (I'm on wk7). Some of our forum friends do counsel against doing too much too soon, mainly because it raises the chance of injury, it's because they care! Doing Parkrun has worked for me and it sounds like it's good for you too x

im glad i did it, very slow, 43 mins but i just jogged along at what suited me, ive never done anything more than walked the dogs so i was starting from rock bottom, thanks for the incentive, im keeping on going, doubt i wil ever actually "run", but i not worried, im doing way more than i thought i would

I found the same that getting in to my stride as the programme went on that it was better to slow my pace than to run/ walk. Well done on doing 5k that is a great acheivement x

jogger1960 in reply to Kmcm66

thanks for that

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