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Another One Bites The Dust

That's another week over in my journey to developing good habits which include running three times a week.

Being the last run of the week I felt that I could go a little faster than the previous two runs safe in the knowledge that I had completed them comfortably.

I don't try and find out what is coming up in the next week but just start the week off slowly and see how I go from there. I am a little intrigued as I know that week 5 is made up of three different runs not the same run three times. Anyway that is for next week. A very busy weekend lies ahead and I am feeling energised and ready to go. I think that the running has a lot to do with that.

Have a great weekend folks whatever you are doing.

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well done. trust the programme - week 5 is a turning point for many - enjoy!


week 5 is fun, one of the best weeks I think x


Well done, stick with it you will be amazed what you can achieve.


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