Another Week

Following a busy weekend that left me a little tired I had an extra rest day. So Tuesday is the new Monday this week.

I cannot believe that after a few months of starting I can run more than 5K three times a week. Still takes me a lot longer than 30 minutes but I am slowly getting faster.More importantly I am really enjoying my running.

Happy runnings.


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17 Replies

  • CAREFUL !!

    EACH extra rest day, puts you another day BEHIND !!

    Too many days behind,

    you WILL be FINISHING the week

    AND THEN REPEATING the week !!

    "Sloughing off" for the rest of the week,

    and you are to start at 2 WEEKS behind !!

  • Hi Dirk

    Nothing wrong in taking extra rest days if required . Sometimes they give you just the boost you need ! :-) xxx

  • So right,oh wise one..just what I feel 🙂

  • Hi NIGHTINGALE1! So lovely that you're still cracking off the 5ks on a regular basis. I'm still waaay off 30 minutes too but running's begun to feel like a part of life now. It's cool isn't it! All for one... 😊

  • Take the rest days that you feel you need. You are doing wonderfully...

    Enjoying your journey is, as you say, what it is all about... your journey...your way :) I have always had the pattern of Sunday, Tuesday and Friday runs... up to 9 K now... running 5K in 30 mins or under.. it comes... slow and steady, it comes, it really does.

    I remember your early posts and you have come so far. Brilliant :)

  • Oldfloss you are amazing! Running 5k in under 30mins. I don't think I'll ever make that, or will need years to achieve it.😥

  • Only..just...and I do run a lot of 5 K runs...I think all the hills help..when I run on anything flat..I go for it..speedy snail! 😉

  • Well done NIGHTINGALE1 , good to hear that you're getting out there 3 times a week and enjoying it , that's what it's all about !

    Good on ya ! :-) xxx

  • How lovely to hear, Nightingale! Enjoying it is the best part of the whole thing. Running 5k three times a week is great too!

  • Well done Nightingale! You please yourself about rest days - you're not training for the Olympics after all ......

  • The "Olympics" ??!!??

    **Last year, did you EVEN Dream of this ?? **

  • This is only a "Starter" program

    designed to get people OFF of the couch !!

    Following similar SPORT programs are easy,

    once you have graduated this program !!

    (takes the same "determination" !!)

    You COULD train for the "OLYMPICS" !! (10 mo ??)

    >>This program teaches:

    Endurance (5km without a break);

    Training/Development Procedures:

    and ENJOYMENT !!<<

    ALL of these qualities,


    an Olympic Athlete !!!

    **GOALS (REACHABLE by this PROGRAM !??!)**

    >>>26miles/41.6km in 3.5 hours ( 7.5mph/12kph) <<<

    >>>MAINTAIN a steady **Quick** pace for 1mile/1.6km ?? <<<

    !!! See this summer's Olympic Female 3/4-lap Race !!!

  • hmmmmm.....

    > This reply, is VERY Similar to one I gave in 1990 !!

    > A Similar program to this,

    with Similar "Adjustments",

    IS HOW we Trained ACTUAL Olympic ATHLETES !! <

    **>> One of our "Prized" Athletes,

    got TRIPLE GOLD MEDALS !!" <<**


    Due to her ENDURANCE;

    and FOLLOWING of the Training "PROGRAM" !!

  • Well done. Sometimes due to life issues have sometimes had to do 2 runs instead of my favoured 3 but running going well. Today did nearly 6K. At 5K mark did just over 30 minutes my fastest yet.

    Although my aim is not to do it faster but just getting quicker naturally on some runs.

  • IF you can maintain this pace,

    for LONG periods of time,

    you can be a "Professional" Racer !!

    Many "Racers", are UNABLE to maintain this pace !!

  • Brilliant 😀 - I take up to 3 and even 4 rest days sometimes and it hasn't stopped me or affected my running - sometimes it just doesn't fit and life takes over. I guess the main thing is we keep getting out there and your 15k a week is a huge achievement and so is the fact (as I have so recently learned) that you are enjoying it - that's the main thing . Happy running 🏃😀👏

  • Keeping my eye on you........... 😅 Hurrah, it's a grand job you're doing. Isn't it is amazing we are all still plodding away and loving it 😳 mostly!

    Just checking in on what everyone's up to 😎

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