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Still not got my shoes!

So I have been meaning to get new running shoes for ages now and just can't find the time to get there but still needing to go for a run!!!

So have been doing vastly reduced runs to prevent any recurrence of my recent IC experience.

Monday did a run 30 mins just over 4K but on a route I was familiar with with limited uphill/downhill (or if there are I don't notice them anymore!)

Tonight I decided I would do another run as a one off as I was in the mood but tried a different route more uphill/downhill but in the end due to our current summer weather ( raining and more raining) in Manchester I managed just over 3k in 20 mins before the rather fetching.... Not pee wet through butch thought I would stop and call it a night.

So my question to you all is once I have my new shoes do I concentrate on the old familiar route that I do to get the km up as normally I do between 5 - 6 in about 40 mins or do I do my new route to try and increase my stamina so that when I do come to a part that is uphill its not as tiring?

My ultimate aim is to be able to do 10k comfortably so I am able to enter the Manchester run in either 2017 or 2018.

Well done if you have made it to the end and any thoughts appreciated.


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If you've had gait analysis before and you are simply replacing existing proper shoes you could order them online. Obviously if you haven't had gait analysis then you do need to go to a proper running shop. My advice is to make this a priority as running in old shoes is just an injury waiting to happen.

Once you get your new shoes then ease them in gently as your feet and body need to get used to them. I would stick to a familiar, flattish route to begin with and leave the hills until you've got used to the shoes.

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Thanks Irishprincess,agree shoes a priority and will wear them in gradually on the flattish route.

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