Its been 8 month since my last post

So in the last 8 months life has been a bit crazy and I forgot my password so I've not been posting but I HAVE been running!

Due to time constraints I run on my lunch break 2-3 times a week either doing W7 or W8 and already hitting 5K+

Monday I forgot to press start on my GPS watch and ran a mile before it kicked in so ended up running 4.5miles (7.25Km) it felt good and I'll be back out again today.

I have my first ever race in October a 10K obstacle run so I'm well on my way to the 10K and feel confident that I can make it and that I have graduated from C25K .... bring on the Bridge to 10K.


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  • That's a great distance, but I am not sure why you aren't graduating already? Is it the running for 30 minutes that's an issue?

  • Thanks like I say need to push on to 10K now, I've run for 30-35mins for months now just hadn't posted for months either just finally got around to it.

    This was my last run (that recorded fully) just shy of 6K in 37mins

  • Great run, but you know this is the c2FIVEk right? :-)

  • Yeah I know just wanted you all to know I hadn't ran of the end of the earth and to finally say I'd done it!

    It's hard to believe when I started I could hardly run for 3mins straight and now I accidentally ran 4.5miles lol

  • Good! Well done.

    Getting to 10k is a lovely job as I recall. Go steady, just chip away at it and you'll be good to go when race day arrives

    Have fun!

  • Yeah I have 3months to chip away at it :)

  • Oh aye 3 months. Good! Don't go mad though. Chip away steadily. Don't go too fast either as you want to be in fine fettle for your race. Look after that bod!

  • I make sure I stretch and have a warm up/down before and after and have the coldest shower I can handle (below 20 degrees if the shower temp is correct) and I find that keeps the aches away.

    I need to make sure I don't ache too much as I cycle 2 miles each way to work so I need to be able to get home after my run.

  • Sounds like you're doing great. Are you still on the programme or just doing free runs now?

  • I still run the week 9 run time on my watch but I have been able to build up the speed and keep it pretty constant. The reason I still run the same time is I run on my lunch break at work so I need to get back shower and work the rest of the day.

    Just got back from a run in the pouring rain 3.93 miles (~6.3km) in 39mins I do prefer running in the rain to any other weather.

  • Nice to see you back Wolfboy ! Glad to hear you're still doing well with your running!! πŸ˜†

  • You need your graduate badge as you've clearly done the work! Just click on the link on the right hand side and ask for your badge.

    Also, you might be interested in the Bridge to 10K forum. Just as friendly as this one and there are others who are working towards their first 10K too!

  • Well done Wolfie! Good to see your still running and improving, yeah, don't run off the end of the earth! But I thought the world was round? doh!😁

  • Brilliant progress and a great target too..... Enjoy the journey :)

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