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My first post!


I'm a middle (?) aged woman who wants to be fitter and leaner. I went to the doctor about menopausal symptoms and told her I'd just started the Couch to 5k but my knees were aching - in fact I WAS ACHING! She said 'running is good for you' AND I THINK IT IS! Mentally I feel soooo much better

Always envious of people telling me they were doing a 5/10k run - used to think ' I wish I could do that' - now I'm going to. Am on my holidays now and have carried on running in the heat - tried to go out early in the morning which hasn't always worked but have enjoyed the change of scenery. Tomorrow will be my first run of week 5! Just a little nervous.........

I've never tracked my runs before but have realised that 2 years ago when I was younger and fitter I used to run the distance I'm now running and walking. Onwards and upwards!

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That is brilliant... well done you...the benefits. both mental and physical are many.... :)

At 66... at my Well Woman check.. all my results were matching that of a 33 year old... thanks to running:)

You know by now, that if you keep it slow and keep it steady, you are ready for each and every run.

They are all different...that is how the plan works.. and you will be fine!

Keep posting please... great motivation for other new runners:)

Well done! I really do think running should be be officially prescribed! It sounds as though you have some running experience already though so... harness that healing power!

I’m with you there, middle (?) aged menopausal... now just done W4R1... I used to be able to do 3/4k no problem!!

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It’ll be interesting to see how we do in the hail, sleet, snow and rain i. e the good old Scottish winter!

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I'm a proper auld dear at 63, got my bus pass and everything, about to start Week9. Well done for starting the programme! It really does know what it's doing. BTW I ran in heavy rain yesterday and it was lovely, much more pleasant (and easier) than running in the heat of this extraordinary summer!

Hi - yes, keep running and keep posting. While C25K is not officially prescribed yet on the NHS, I evangelise about it to anyone that will listen lol.

At a spring like 47, I graduated at the start of July and regularly run 5k now. I still can’t believe I can do it!

Keep up the good work!🏃‍♀️🐌

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