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W6R3 - growing confidence


Well, having had a REALLY bad run on Monday I took someone's advice here and had an extra rest day, and today I managed W6R3 absolutely fine. I ran for 25 minutes non-stop! As Laura said at the end, I am now officially a runner :)

I took up running partly to feel better about myself. I've been under a huge amount of stress over the past 18 months or so, have been bullied at work and feeling very victimized, have been physically ill with a stress-related condition, and have generally been feeling very depressed and lacking confidence. As I run it seems to be helping me get into a virtuous circle of greater confidence and assertiveness, so that the other week I even managed to confront the person who bullied me so badly last year, to good effect.

If I can run for 25 minutes, I can certainly stand up for myself at work and be generally more assertive. And I feel so much better. I'm more relaxed and am sleeping better too. Running is something I do for me alone, and it seems to be doing great things.

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Your testimony should be pasted on the intro page to this program. I'm thrilled for you :-)

Thank you :)


Wow. What a fantastic outcome from C25K. I'm so impressed at what you've achieved Olivia. I hope you see an improvement at work. YES you are a runner! Laura never lies! And just wait for the feeling at the end of week 9 run 3. You'll feel able to take on the world. :-D Kate


Well done - congratulations, official runner! :)

Lovely to see c25k having such a positive impact.

Thanks guys. I think it all feeds off itself - I'm feeling more confident generally which makes me feel I can tackle the longer runs, which then makes me feel even more confident because I get such a sense of achievement from it.


Well done you! It feels amazing to do that 25 minute run doesn't it, I did it this morning and I am still on a high! Good to hear it's having such a positive impact on the rest of your life too, i always heard about running being a way of life and not just a form of exercise. I'm inclined to agree. I use it as time to myself, time to clear my head and strengthen my body (and soul too if I'm being honest!).

Here's to your next run! :)


That's fantastic well done. And a special well done for facing your demon (not something I ever managed to do and still have imaginary conversations about.)

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