The results are in (and I don't mean the EU one!)

The results are in (and I don't mean the EU one!)

After a very long night shift and covering a delightful 14km in 12.5 hours I dragged my sorry behind to physio for my appointment at 8am this morning. My physio was lovely and listened to what's been happening in regards to my left knee, what I have been doing and what my goals are. After checking out my legs she can see muscle wastage on my left leg which could be down to a few factors, one being my ankle surgery three years ago and the other possibly down to my knee and the issues I'm having. My knee cap on my bad leg is loose and after examining my other joints using the Beighton hyper mobility scoring it turns out I do have hyper mobility. This is mainly displaying in my shoulders, elbows and knees so I walked in there with a knee issue and walked out with a whole list of things I've got to focus on. The good news is I can continue on my C25K journey as long as I go to the gym to strengthen up everything to help support my frame.

I have just completed W6R2 and in the last three minutes I had a visitor from the gremlin but proud to say I pushed through and made it to the end of the second 10 minute run! I'm trying to stay positive even though the walking intervals will no longer happen but I did focus on breathing again and found it much easier today.

Eight weeks in to this journey and I'm seeing results! Today I've lost a total of a stone in since I started, I now have answers and a plan to get my body more stable (I swear I'm going to be a squat queen by the time I go back to physio in 4 weeks), dropped a whole dress size, feeling totally amazed at myself and I know I CAN do this!!

I have been tracking my progress so I thought I should share how far I've come. I may not reach the 5km by the end of this but I don't care, running for a whole 30 minutes will be amazing WHEN I do it.

Happy Friday people! ๐Ÿ˜Š


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  • Fantastic attitude:-).

  • This week is a good week. :)

  • I hear you :-), and wish you many more weeks like this (positive stuff anyway).

  • I guess it's taking the rough with the smooth and the good with the bad but not dwelling on the bad bits.

  • Excellent work and it sounds like you have a great physio that will work with your goals.

  • Great to hear that you've had your knee checked out and that you've got a cross-training plan, Trixamme.

    Those stats look good too- look at the progress you've made.

    You've done the most difficult part of C25k- just got to go and nail the final runs :)

  • I love your spreadsheet!! A huge well done you are doing brilliantly and the exercises are going to make a huge difference too :)

  • It's really made it clear that I am progressing. Can't wait to add the 5km box when I eventually get there. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • What a happy, uplifting post! You're dong brilliantly and I love your attitude. A big well done to you.

  • Wow you lost a whole stone! Fantastic. That'll make a big difference, not carrying that weight when you run. I think most of us could benefit from general strengthening but don't find the time for it. One of us is too lazy for it. I know when I've been for a longer run than usual, my back feels tired and that will be down to weak abdominals and a weak upper body I'm sure. Good luck with your gym work, I am sure it will pay off.

  • Thank you! I don't feel any different but I may take some photos to compare to the ones I took when I started. I have a feeling if I don't do the strengthening stuff I may just fall apart. The physio did say at 35 things start to loosen which I don't need.

  • Yes, definitely take some photos and compare them to your old shots, it will give you such a boost to see the difference.

  • I found some body measurements from last September so took new ones and some how I've lost 14 inches too! I guess when you can't see it through your own eyes but then checking out stats on paper, paper can't lie unlike how you perceive yourself when looking.

  • That's amazing. Well done you !

  • You really put me to shame! I've only one run left until I complete the C25K, but am only now covering 4k and definitely haven't dropped a dress size, boo. But I am another hypermobile body, I was diagnosed in my teens, so I can thoroughly recommend strength exercises and a bit of weights as they really do help. I'm jealous, but proud of you even more so, well done!

  • Sorry that wasn't my intention. You can do it!! Along side the C25K I have been using My Fitness Pal and keeping a record to what I've been eating. I have cut out full fat coke (but do have the occasional one on my night shifts), snacking has become a piece of fruit and now the weather is warmer I'm enjoying my salads again. Work helps too as I cover a lot of kms there and eating is almost impossible in a shift. Bananas are they way forward ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Your covering 4km which is amazing and there is no rush. Your running for 28 minutes which I take my hat off to you. That's a huge achievement in its self and I'm sure you will be covering 5km soon enough with your shiny new badge. Keep up the good work.

  • W6R2 - you're so nearly there! Don't worry about the distance - focus on the time. You will be surprised how do-able it is when you get there x

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