..up to 8 - and I don't mean pm ;)

..up to 8 - and I don't mean pm ;)

OMG I've done it - I've actually run the 8Ks I'll need to do in the real Central Park!!!! Only two weeks to the big birthday and race day - which means the 'big reveal' is 13 days away - I can't tell you how excited I am! Oh heck, sorry got carried away there...so... back to the 8Ks...I have to admit to a couple of minutes break at around 4.5Ks so I could run into the local pub to use 'the facilities' ... I'm seriously not going to do a Paula Radcliffe on a main road haha! I have to admit that last k was hard and I'm feeling it now but it's fantastic to know I CAN do it :) Hope everyone's had a lovely running weekend too :) x


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  • Wow. Already there and still time to consolidate. Will you do shorter runs now? I think thats what marathoners do or run another 8k? I am getting excited to hear about the great reveal in a couple of weeks so I imagine you are walking around with a permanent from.โ˜บ

  • Grin not from. Lol๐Ÿ˜

  • haha thanks ddd4 - I think I'll do one or two more shorter runs...now I know I can do the 8 heehee - and yes...big grin on the face :)

  • Oh this is brilliant ! Well done CentralPark , how good is that ???!!!

    Your daughter's face is going to be an absolute picture Ha ha ! :-)

    Yay , Go you !!!! :-) xxx

  • hey poppy we must be telepathic! see my answer below! and i promise i hadn't read yours!!! dog owners special telepathic powers!!! :)

  • Ha ha , Ooooh spooky ha ha :-D xxx

  • Thanks Poppypug I'm well chuffed and can't wait to tell my daughter all about this! :)

  • Yay excellent news! can't wait for the big reveal! your daughter's face is going to be a picture!!! :)

  • Thanks aliboo70.....I'm soooo excited for the big reveal - she's sure going to be shocked! :)

  • I am getting so excited too!!! Can't wait to hear about it all. Well done on getting there.

  • Awww me too ancientrunner - I'll definitely be back to tell you all how it goes - can't believe I can actually RUN for 8ks hahahahahahahaha!

  • AMAZING!!! 8k is just incredible! I am SO excited for this whole surprise and the big reveal to your Melly on her 30th birthday!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!!

  • Thanks other Melly! I hope I can actually get it out of my mouth on the day! I'll be back to tell you all how it went :)

  • You've done so well! Your daughter is going to be absolutely amazed!

  • Thanks Ullyrunner - she's sure gonna be shocked her puffing and panting mum can now actually run haha! :)

  • I've just read through your previous posts because I didn't know what everyone was talking about. My jaw is still in my lap! What an incredible accomplishment. 8k. Central Park? Your daughter is going to be amazed, proud, and a little tearful I'll bet. So excited for you. Biggest best wishes (and ultimate respect for managing to keep a secret of that magnitude too)!

  • Awww McFitty thanks so much...I think there's a good chance of tears all round! I still can't believe I've got this far either and how I've managed to keep it quiet lord only knows...we talk and text each other all the time! :)

  • this is incredible. so excited for you. well done :)

  • Thanks LinaLamont - I can't believe how much I've come to love running....and how much I'm looking forward to the 'real thing' :)

  • Well done! You're ready ahead of time. Wish we could all be there to cheer and see your daugther's face!

  • Thanks IbenCopenhagen - you'll all be there in spirit for sure! And I'll share it all with you when I get back :)

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