After physio - no pain but no gain

Went out for the first time after my physio last Friday yesterday. I missed a week due to the return of the dreaded migraine. Did my pre run physio exercises, donned the new Brooks and pounded the streets for 35 minutes. It was tough. It involved some slowing down. It also involved some walking. On the plus side I was quite fast considering and did 5.47k. The shoes were brilliant. Didn't know trainers could make such a difference! I felt really supported and had no hip or knee pain. Going out once or twice a week just isn't getting me anywhere though. I can't seem to push past the 5k which is really annoying. When I'm out I just feel like I'm a fake the whole time - not like I'm a runner at all. I keep thinking I'm killing time until I realise I can't do it after all. Maybe it's all the setbacks. I need to re-engage mojo if I'm going to sock it to these charity runs this year. :-(

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  • Your doing over 5 k woman ! Be happy with that . Stop being so hard on your self Jen , enjoy your runs what's the rush just do what you can do. & enjoy .

  • Consider myself chastised, lol! I just feel I should be pushing myself by now. Everyone else is steaming ahead. Mind you, we've had this conversation already haven't we? I just feel like a fraud all the time!

  • ....aaaaaand I feel like I'm going backwards because I keep having to slow right down or walk really fast for 30 seconds or so.

  • Ooh Jen , you are doing great ! What with your hip & other things you should be proud of yourself . Sorry for sounding so harsh lol

  • No, I need a kick really Rockette! Thank you! x ;-)

  • Don't push yourself too hard Jen , I was the same as you thinking I should be doing more , instead of being happy & taking it steady and you know where that got me .

  • Hiya-I have found that sometime you plateau but I think it's about putting the Kms in the bank as someday soon you will do a run and think yes this is actually ok and be able to push yourself a bit further- I found nearly all my runs over my two week christmas holidays hard but just after new year it all came together one day and I felt great and able to go that bit further. You can do it and you will- just don't be so hard on yourself :-) you are a runner.

  • Thanks Hules. Good to hear someone else say it! :-)

  • I just read you joined the site in Oct, that's no time at all in the scheme of things - you're doing really well, don't be hard on yourself. It can seem like everyone else is steaming ahead when you read the posts on here, but I think people tend to blog more when they are making progress - that's my take on it. Loads of us are quietly pootling about the 5k mark. Sometimes consolidation is the best thing, but the main thing is we are out there. :-)

  • Yes you're right notbad; you do gauge your success against the other lovely people on here you know were on or around the same mark as you. Maybe we should encourage more posts from us pootling 5k-ers!

  • I'm a pootler if that means slow. Only just reached 4.5K but really enjoying it. I really think you have to build up steadily - you know what it's like to have to stop for injury- very frustrating. Know what you mean about fraud. When I go out in my running gear I feel like I've raided a 5yr old's dressing box because how can I possibly be a runner. I must be just pretending & tomorrow I'm going to be a princess or maybe Robin Hood. Daft isn't it?

  • I second what has been said. Many of us are sticking at around 5k and delighted to be able to do that. I personally have no great aspirations to extend the distance - just revelling still at being able to run at all"

  • It's funny Ully but I always felt the same. I think we just naturally want to move the goalposts after a time don't we?

  • And I'll third it! Jen you're doing fantastically well as you've been out of action and the hip etc has been very dodgy. So try not to compare yourself with the posts from people who are absolutely storming along, inspirational though it may seem. I'm sure notbad's right about most of us trotting along at the 5k mark. At least we're getting out there and enjoying it!

  • I know, I know. I'd quite LIKE to be storming along though. I've read too many storming along books I think! ;-) Thanks flossie.

  • You are doing really well! You are a runner, you did over 5k with an injury! Don't beat yourself up for no reason. Think back to how we all started. Glad the trainers are helping (really need to get some!) but make sure you ease back into it. Maybe do some smaller, gentle runs a few more times a week? Make sure you rest it though, I'd hate to hear you did any further damage, I will worry! :)

  • Haha, bless you Jen! Yes, I should just shut up and get on with it really. I suppose you have a picture in your head of where you want to be and I don't seem to be getting there. Maybe I need to give myself a break.

  • You are doing just fine. 5+ Km, is not a 'walk in the park', that is a run. And I bet its more than you were doing in Oct / Nov last year! By a long way?

    Took me ages to move up beyond 5K. Mostly I think because I came a bit 'time obsessed'. I have really knocked my speed back now, take it steady, and have climbed up to 8K. The time it takes me to cover 5K on that run is over 2 minutes outside my 5K PB, but it doesn't matter.

    That all said, I think there is a 'mental hill' to get to 6K and through it. Once you have done that, another Km seems like nothing (can't believe I am saying that, but it is true - believe me).

    Keep at it you are doing great, and will get there.

  • Thanks Nerdio. I told a running friend of mine that I wanted to be able to run 5k easily. He said to do that I need to be upping it to 6 then 7k really. Then 5k will be a breeze. Makes sense, so that's what I was hoping to do. That's why I'm frustrated; I'm still struggling with the 5k and have to walk sometimes (usually because I've hit it too fast). I don't want to have to walk on the charity runs! I'd be mortified!

  • take you time and dont be so hard on yourself go for your run and dnt think about time or distance enjoy the run chin up and good lulk

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