IC thanks to bad back

Hi, following the good advice of fellow members, i decided to postpone w3 r1last night and just take the dog out for a gentle walk. Back was worse this morning when i woke, so dropped into Walk in Centre for some stronger painkillers & advice. Unfortunately advised to avoid running for at least a week while on course of anti inflammatories. If anyone had told me after 2-weeks into the programme I'd be this disappointed at the news, i would've laughed. It gets very addictive, very quickly this running malarkey!! Hope to be back at it next week

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  • Feel better soon... and carry on being sensible :)

  • Look after your back! And then run. I have had horrendous back problems but am finding the running beneficial - but it's been a long journey, so look after your back first. And yes, it gets addictive sooo quickly!

  • I've had a dodgy back since I slipped a disc way back in 2011. I have found that by sticking to the plan and ensuring I take 2 or 3 rest days rather than just one between runs I don't have a problem. I've even found that running has improved things as it's strengthened my core muscles. Rest up and then come back and take it steady. Happy running x

  • Oh poor you - hope the rest does wonders and you're soon back out . Take care ๐Ÿ€

  • Have a good rest :-)

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