Running with a bad back

Hi, woke up with lower back pain this morning. Not sure if a run will do me good or make it worse (have a desk job & only relief has been when moving around). I've been taking painkillers so its more manageable, & I'm just starting Week 3 so won't be running mega amount. Has anyone else tried running with a bad back, if so how did you get on? Thanks


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  • I advise you to go to an osteopath sooner rather than later. I have a really arched back, so quite prone to back pain, but it got really bad through running until I could barely move a couple of weeks ago (after around 6 weeks of the program). I've since seen an osteopath twice, and now I'm pretty much pain free. I also know what to do should the pain return (I've got a few exercises to do). Good news is that I'm still ok to run, but I now know not to leave it too long before getting the pain sorted.

  • I'm currently dealing with a bad back that came on a couple of weeks ago whilst running. Did the Race for Life on Sunday, but other than that, haven't run at all. Think you'd be wise to get in sorted before going out again. Running on painkillers is not to be recommended really.

  • Oh AM. I didn't know you were still on the IC. I thought you were very quiet of late! And I didn't see a post about your RFL! Did you post?

  • I'm on and off the IC like a flippin' yoyo, Princess, thanks for asking. I just get the asthma sorted and back running further and faster than ever and then I get a little teeny tiny twinge in my back that morphs into the back ache from Hell. As I've said many times before, I'm the living embodiment of a 1970's car- permanently crocked!

    Had 2weeks off running, cosseting my back with paracetamol and ibuprofen, during which time my left hip and glute got increasingly painful because I was walking weirdly to stop my back hurting. Anyway, I had to do R4L because I'd organised a team from work and raised lots of sponsorship, so ran 3k and then walked and ran the last 2. Thought I was going to die at the end because it was painful but, guess what? Next day my hip and glute felt tons better. :) :) Now my back feels like it's on the mend. I'm down to 2 doses of paracetamol a day and hoping I may be able to run again in a week or so.

    I haven't posted much recently because I feel like I'm always moaning about being on the IC and I can't pretend I'm not really upset about it this time -everything was going so well and this back pain is self-inflicted because I broke the 10% rule. On the plus side though, my daughter has said she wants to start Pilates with me. She's mega fit and flexible from years of ballet so I was surprised a quite touched that she was prepared to go to the same class as her old mum.

    Sorry for the long answer, Sweetie. Hope your return to regular running is going well. I so wish we'd started years ago. I don't know about you, but I feel I wasted so many years before before I discovered that, contrary to my PE teacher's expectations, this is something I can do. xx

  • Oh AM what a palaver. You've really been through the mill. How gutsy of you to still run even though you were in pain. You're a star โญ๏ธ

    That's great news about your daughter. It'll be lovely quality time together. In my Pilates class today there was a woman beside me who was so bendy and flexible it made me feel stiff and decrepit in comparison (but she was much younger ๐Ÿ˜)

    I know what you mean about discovering this earlier but we're doing it now and we need to consider how many people who will NEVER EVER run and know what it feels like! Aren't we the lucky ones to have discovered this passion at all?!

    Keep the faith AM and just know you'll get out there again soon. I'll send you "get well quick" vibes. Take care of yourself and stay strong. xxx

  • Get it checked... you could really hurt yourself... ? If in doubt.. walk away.. time to run another day :)

  • Were you doing anything yesterday that could have caused the back pain? Lifting anything heavy for example or crouched over a desk or garden? One of the reasons I started running was because I had been plagued for years by lower back pain caused mostly by a sedentary job. The running has helped enormously and so I'm not surprised you get relief when moving. We are meant to move. But if you suffer from back pain on a regular basis then you should get it checked out.

    Longer term you should consider Pilates as this strengthens the core which supports your back and makes the muscles more flexible.

    Don't worry about a delay in your running. There is no hurry and you want to run pain free.

  • Hi everyone,

    I've decided to take your advice to heart, and not run tonight - hopefully it will feel better in a couple of days.#IrishPrincess its my own fault - helped my colleague move 40+ chairs at work, two at a time from one side of the building to the other! Unfortunately a bad back has been part & parcel of the last 17 years since my first pregnancy. Thanks for the concern, going to take the dog out from a gentle walk to see if it helps. ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿพ

  • Aha! That would do it then! Hopefully a few days rest will work some magic.

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